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Known for the popular Frog Leap Studios YouTube channel, Leo Moracchioli is a rock musician and producer from Norway.

Moracchioli is an apt multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years of experience and can easily fill the place of an entire band in the studio. He is also a skilled singer, handling lead vocals on many of his own releases.

Apart from being an able musician, his skills as a producer are also apparent on his many high polished productions published on his channel. After his friend inspired him to play guitar with a bright colored shred axe, Moracchioli knew he had to become a guitar player.

He was drawn into the world of Rage Against The Machine, Pantera and Sepultura with their aggressive punchy sound.

For years he played in different local bands, learning the skillset from the ground up. After he and his wife bought a house, Moracchioli suddenly had the room to build his own home studio.

However, after going viral with a metal cover of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface that he made just for the fun of it, Moracchioli has devoted most of his time to his YouTube channel.

He has specialized himself with making infectiously cool sounding metal covers of pop songs and has reached a staggering 400+ million views.

Aside from his music, Moracchioli also uploads gear reviews, tutorials on making records and other studio-related videos. With spotless production and sharp videos with a good sense of humor it’s easy to see why his channel is so popular.

Videos with Leo Moracchioli

Leo Moracchioli (Frog Leap Studios) Presents "Phrogster" for Helix Phaser

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