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  • Max Simplicity, Great-Sounding Results

  • Compliant with All Loudness Standards

  • Runs in Any DAW

  • Off-Line Measuring in Pro Tools



Pause or reset your loudness measurement at any time.


You get presets for all international loudness standards. Setting LM1n is as easy as selecting a preset.

Program Loudness

Program Loudness, or integrated loudness, shows you the overall loudness of your track.

Loudness Value

Choose a value to be shown: Loudness Range (LRA), Sliding Loudness 10 Sec, Max Momentary (M) or Max Short Term (S)

True-Peak Indicator

The true-peak detector will flash if true peaks are present in your audio.

Guiding Arrows

The arrows help you to stay compliant with the loudness standard you have chosen, indicating whether you should lower or raise the volume.

Try Before You Buy

If you want to take LM1n out for a spin before buying, you can download a FREE 14-day demo version that allows you to check out all of the features hands-on.


  • 14-Day Trial Period

  • Fully Functional - NO Feature Limitations

  • No Physical iLok Key Needed


Download FREE Trial Version

LM1n Spot On

Let the Arrows Guide You

The two arrows in the Program Loudness section indicate in which direction you should go - and to which degree.

If both arrows are green as in the example to the right, you are good to go.

Your Program Loudness level is within target, and no further adjustments are necessary.

If the upper arrow is yellow, your material is too loud and you should decrease the volume to hit the target. 

If the upper arrow is red, your track is much too loud, and you should lower the volume drastically.

If the lower arrow is yellow, your material is too soft and you should increase the volume to hit the target. 

If the lower arrow is red, your track is much too soft, and you should raise the volume drastically.

Ready for Any DAW

LM1n in PT

LM1n supports all modern plug-in standards, giving you the freedom to work with any DAW you prefer. 

  • AAX (Pro Tools 10 and 11)

  • VST (Nuendo, Cubase, Audition, Premiere, and more)

  • Audio Units (Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, and more)

Ready for Any Application


Whether you are broadcasting for radio and TV, mixing film or producing music in the studio, you'll find that the LM1n is ready to take on any application:

  • Broadcast
  • Commercials and Jingles
  • Mastered for iTunes Criteria
  • Game Production Criteria
  • Delivery for iDevices
  • Delivery for Web
  • Audio CD Mastering

Powerful Off-Line Measuring

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Pro Tools users will appreciate the off-line function, measuring your audio loudness faster than real time by running LM1n as an Audio Suite plug-in.

Simply choose preset, select the audio clip you want to measure and hit 'Analyze'. That's it!


Watch this 30 second video to learn just how simple it is.

Main Features

  • Extremely Easy-to-Use - Just Pick a Preset and Go Ahead
  • Guiding Arrows - Clear Indication of Whether You Need to Turn Up or Down
  • Complete Compliance - ITU BS.1770-3, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, TR-B32 and OP-59
  • Faster Than Real Time - Audio Suite Off-Line Measuring in Pro Tools
  • Plug-In Formats - VST, AU, AAX and AudioSuite (PC and Mac)
  • True-Peak Warning - Ensures Audio Quality Downstream (data reduction, codecs, converters, etc.)
  • Universal Descriptors - Displays Any Two Parameter Values
  • Retina Support - Supports high PPI graphical resolution
LMn Bulk

Enterprise Solution

For large broadcast stations and production facilities, we offer LM1n, LM2n and LM6n in a special enterprise version.

The enterprise version allows you to install a large number of plug-ins with no need for iLok keys or even unique licenses stored on your computers. As an enterprise customer you even get your company logo integrated as part of the custom version of your plug-in. 

  • No unique licenses stored on local computers
  • Allows your IT department to centrally install many computers in one go
  • Corporate logo

To learn more about the enterprise solution (not available through the TC Electronic web store), please contact our Broadcast & Production Sales Team:

Keeping You Up To Date

We have been listened to by those actively setting broadcast standards - we've even donated our technology to many of the same international bodies that impact your broadcast work.  

Legislation on loudness in television is constantly evolving.  However, regardless of your location and no matter which TC Electronic Loudness units you use, we will always help you remain compliant with the latest revision of the broadcast standard that impacts your work.


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Loudness Website

Keeping track of the multitude of issues around loudness can be a challenge. That's why we've created a one-stop dedicated loudness website where you'll find critical information on the most important issues.

The site is an answer to the highly relevant question:
"What Is Loudness, and Why Is It Important?"

Visit the Loudness Website

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In the Press

There's a reason that world-leading broadcast magazine regularly invite us to share our knowledge: we've been pioneers in the digital audio world since 1985.

We've taken part in research studies and the definition of international broadcast standards right from the start, donating technology which has become a crucial part in new, open international standards.


Read The Articles Here


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