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Our LM2 Radar Loudness Meter is a native plug in that measures Loudness and True-Peak on stereo tracks in all major DAWs.

What sets LM2 apart from all other loudness meters is the innovative Radar Display that allows you to capture the essence of your loudness landscape at a glance: Loudness History, Momentary Loudness, True-peak Level, Program Loudness and Loudness Range (LRA) in a single view.

In short, the Radar Loudness Meter lets you use your eyes as well as your ears to reach the result you need.

  • Innovative Radar Display
  • Fully Compliant with All Standards
  • Continuously Updated as New Loudness Standards Evolve
  • Measures Loudness on Tracks within Any DAW

Behind LM2 is a team of engineers who have been pioneers in digital signal processing for broadcast and studio production for decades. Their work has been recognized by international committees responsible for broadcast standards for millions of audio users.

Your Applications

Whether you are broadcasting for radio and TV, mastering films or involved in audio production in the studio, you'll find that the LM 2 is ready to support your work like no other meter.

The LM2 is ready for:

  • Broadcast (North America, South America, Europe, China and Japan)
  • Commercials and Jingles (North America, South America, Europe, China and Japan)
  • iTunes Criteria
  • Game Production Criteria
  • Delivery for iDevices
  • Web audio delivery
  • CD mastering


  • Complete Loudness Overview - Everything in a Single View
  • Complete Compliance - ITU BS.1770-3, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, TR-B32, OP-59
  • Faster Than Real Time Offline Measuring - Audio Suite Offline Measuring in Pro Tools
  • 24/7 Logging - Document Delivery Specs
  • Formats - Mono and Stereo
  • Plug-in Formats - VST, AU, AAX, AudioSuite and RTAS
  • Flexible Loudness History - Radar Speed from 1 Minute to 24 Hours per revolution
  • True-peak Metering - Ensures Your Audio Quality Downstream (data reduction, codecs, converters, etc.)
  • Universal Descriptors - Displays Any Two Parameter Values (Program Loudness, LRA, Sliding or Max)


Loudness Unit Name

This lets you choose between LUFS (European) or LKFS (US) units

Loudness Radar Meter Features

Radar View

Short Term Loudness History, 4 min per revolution, 6dB between circles

Loudness Target

True–peak warning

Loudness Unit


Time since Reset

Program Loudness (I)

(entire program)

Loudness Range (LRA)

(entire program)

Loud part

Short Term Loudness (S)

Soft part

Short Term Loudness (S)

Outer Ring

Momentary Loudness (M)

Offline Measuring

If you use it in Pro Tools as an Audio Suite plug-in, you can even benefit from the off-line function and measure the loudness of your audio faster than real time.

Below, you can see how off-line measuring works with AudioSuite. Note how the tracks get measured much faster than real time and how the radar display reflects the overall loudness landscape almost instantly.

Also, even in offline mode, a log file of the measurement results is created for your documenting needs.


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Works with your DAW

LM2 with Pro Tools
LM2 in Pro Tools

LM2 supports all modern plug-in standards, giving you freedom to work with DAW.

  • AAX (Pro Tools)
  • RTAS (Pro Tools)
  • VST (Nuendo, Cubase, Audition, Premiere etc.)
  • Audio Units (Mac applications such as Logic or Final Cut Pro X)

More features


  • Displays real-time Loudness (LKFS, LUFS or LU) and True-peak level Loudness history in a single, easy-to-read, radar-like view.
  • The angular, color-coded display makes it easy for you to balance audio visually.
  • The True-peak level display warns you when excessive level is at the risk of creating distortion in downstream equipment such as data reduction codecs or converters.

Internal Features

  • TC Loudness and True-Peak measuring algorithms known from highly acclaimed hardware such as System 6000, DB-series
  • TouchMonitor compliant with all current ITU, EBU and ATSC specifications Continuously updated as new loudness standards evolve
  • International standards presets for easy recall
  • Works coherently with TC equipment - as well as equipment of other brands adhering to the BS.1770-2 standard.
  • Syncs with the hosts transport (play/pause) (if the host supports it)
  • Logs up to 24 hours continuously
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