About Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza is busy rocking on tours with Thin Lizzy and Black Star Rises, yet when he has some downtime at home in L.A he spends it playing at local jazz clubs with fellow musicians Joey Herdia and Renato Neto.

American rock musician Marco Mendoza was born into a musical family and began playing guitar at an early age. He adopted the bass guitar on an invitation to join a band that was in need of a bassist and has not let it go since.

In 1994 Mendoza was recruited into a reformed setup of Thin Lizzy. They toured for many years and in 2000 released the live album “One Night Only”. He then went on to tour with Ted Nugent from 2000 – 2003 followed by a tour with Whitesnake in 2004. Mendoza returned to Thin Lizzy in 2005 and stayed for two years before going on tour with guitarist George Lynch (ex-Dokken) and the Lynch Mob. Once again Mendoza found his way back to Thin Lizzy in 2009 and toured Europe and the US. He is currently still a member of Thin Lizzy as well as Black Star Riders.

Mendoza has toured with many brilliant artists but he has also released the solo album “Live for Tomorrow”. The album is produced and co-written by Richie Kotzen and guest performances such as Ted Nugent, Steve Lukather,ß Dough Aldrich and Tommy Aldridge is featured.

In his professional career Mendoza has been among versatile artists and bands. He has played for Soul SirkUS, Black Sabbath, Robert Williams, Tim “Ripper” Owens. Tommy Shaw among others. He rocks hard with each and everyone he works with.

Mendoza lives in L.A. When he is not out touring the world he can be found at local jazz clubs playing with Joey Herdia and Renato Neto.

Videos with Marco Mendoza

Marco Mendoza has fun with the Ditto Looper

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