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Mark Tremonti is a guitar player who doesn’t really need any introduction. As lead guitarist, founding member and a songwriter of his former bands Creed and Alter Bridge, Mark has received many awards, including the prestigious Grammy Award for Creed’s single “With Arms Wide Open“.

Mark Tremonti’s talent was acknowledged when he was named “Guitarist of the Year“ by Guitar World 3 years in a row. In 2011 he was listed as a number four heavy metal guitarist of all time in Total Guitar Magazine.

Mark has been interested in music since he at age 11 bought a cheap knockoff guitar. However, it was not before he graduated from college that he first assembled a band together with his buddy Scott Stapp. The band known under the name of Creed achieved international success and recognition. About Creed: Tremonti and Stapp are co-founding members of this American band, with the addition of a drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshal. Creed managed to reach international success and became the first band that accomplished such a success with only a debut album. In 2004 Creed announced that the band was splitting up. Scott Stapp went on to pursue a solo career, while the rest of the band assembled a new group called Alter Bridge. About Alter Bridge: The new-formed band invited Myles Kennedy to be the lead singer. Alter Bridge embarked on a successful journey to success and released 3 critically acclaimed albums. The 4th album is to be released in 2013. Tremonti always wanted to go a bit “heavier“ with the guitar sounds, but he could never truly do it because it was not the sound of Creed or Alter Bridge. Hence Mark started developing the idea of solo album, where he could pursue his “heavier-sounding thrash metal like“ sound. His debut solo album “All I Was“ occupied the music stores in 2012 with Tremonti conducting the whole parade this time. The album does not only reflect the different musical side of Mark, but also reveals him as a human being, where he sings about love, betrayal and isolation, more than ever before.


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