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Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, Martin Miller is making a name for himself as a professional musician and an inspiring and knowledgeable guitar teacher.

Growing up around music and guitars, Miller has been playing guitar ever since he was a school boy but got serious about it when he was in his teens.

In 2010, after attending a conservatory for years, Miller graduated with high marks from the prestigious Carl-Maria-Von-Weber college of music in Dresden, majoring in music education and instrumental rock/pop/jazz. Since 2015, Miller has come back to the school, working as a teacher and giving lectures.

Miller’s playing has garnered respect from the likes of John Petrucci who has described Miller as a “monster player”. This comes as no surprise once you witness his incredible technique.

His playing is at once a study in precision mechanics, mastering intricate picking patterns in weird note clusters with effortless fluidity and a display of sheer musicality with an organic and tasteful sense of melody and tension.

Miller’s inspirations are numerable and varied with excursions into progressive metal, jazz, fusion and everything in between. These inspirations are apparent on his solo record “The Other End”.

Aside from recording, Miller has toured internationally as a solo artist and instructor, teaching masterclasses and providing instructional content online through several channels. His YouTube channel has attracted more than five million views and with a steady following.

In recent years, Miller has made appearances with Tom Quayle among others and continues to teach and tour, putting his massive chops to good use.

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