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As a solo artist, Spender is not your run of the mill singer-songwriter-strumming-cowboy-chords performer. With her rich voice, passionate singing and jaw-dropping fingerstyle playing, Spender is something else entirely.

Based in Bristol, Spender got drawn into playing music, heavily inspired by Muse’s Matt Bellamy but her admiration for John Mayer is perhaps more evident in her own music.

Spender was raised on Sting, Joni Mitchell and Carole King but has also drawn influence from other solo performers with unique and characteristic playing styles like KT Tunstall and St. Vincent.

Both dynamic and groovy, Spender has opted to forego the guitar pick, using her thumb and fingers for complete control over the strings. Often, she will handle bass lines and harmony at the same time, underscoring them with tasty licks and musical accentuations.

Each of her tasteful compositions display a clear soul and blues influence, delivered with a characteristically sultry voice over a wide vocal range – the result of classical voice training since the age of seven.

In 2014, Spender released her first EP, Faux Americana, playing all the instruments herself, followed by The Taking Shape EP and Live in Bristol. Rumor has it that she’s currently working on another one.

On her YouTube channel, Spender posts videos of performances, talks with other musicians, reviews gear, and tons of other cool stuff.

Aside from recording and doing videos, Spender is planning on touring extensively in the near future but she has already performed all over the UK (e.g. Ronnie Scott’s), the US and Germany.

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