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Master Fader

Master -fader -front

Master Fader - for the Finalizer 96k, Finalizer Express & DBMax
The Master Fader is developed for TC's advanced multi-band dynamics processors. With the Master Fader, you have the option of performing your fade via remote control directly in the output section of your Finalizer 96k and Finalizer Express.

"Hands-on" Digital Fading
The Master Fader allows you to keep your signal in the digital domain even while performing your fade, thereby making the need for an analog fader obsolete when going directly to DAT or CD-R. This way you don't interfere with the pure-sounding digital processing powers of the Finalizer.

Furthermore the ideal L/R balance at all levels makes the Digital Master Fader superior to conventional analog faders.

Now your digital fade can be done "hands-on" from any location you might prefer…