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System 6000 Original

Mastering and Format Control: Time Matters!

In the summer of 2004, packed with a choice selection of precision tools for the mastering engineer, Mastering 6000 was added to the 6000 family. Mastering 6000 contains the new MD4, a 5-band dynamics processor with phase linear reconstruction that can operate in dual mono, stereo and MS modes, and has DXP low level detail enhancement capability.

Additional processing includes BrickWall Limiter 2 to prevent distortion and listening fatigue, MD5.1 multichannel expander, compressor and limiter, Toolbox 5.1 format conversion and Monitor Matrix.

It is a matter of course that all of the legendary algorithms from Reverb 6000 and other optional licenses can be added to Mastering 6000 if required. The ease of control will be apparent when using the TC Icon Remote or their software equivalents for Mac or PC. As you would expect it is fully compliant with networking, sharing and time code automation or built in workstation automation.

System 6000 Frame Upgrade

System 6000 Frame Upgrade
System 6000 Frame Upgrade

If you own one of our original System 6000, you have opportunity to upgrade your System 6000 frame to full MKII specifications. The upgrade package contains the following elements.

- Brushed Alu Front

- Internal Hardware Upgrade

- LM6 Loudness Radar Meter

- One More License of Your Choice

- One Year Warranty

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