Matrix 88 Summing

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This algorithm virtually turns your System 6000 into the finest digital 8 channel mixer money can buy. Due to the 48-bit structure, Matrix88 upgrades 24-bit signals for internal processing to preserve maximum resolution during mixing.

You get a 48-bit output limiter that only kicks in when appropriate. Define the limiter threshold as needed, but no matter how you configure it, you can be absolutely sure that it limits with extreme transparency.

The Ultimate Summing Tool
One way to utilize the Matrix88 is to use it as a first-grade, digital summing mixer. Obviously, it requires that you don't have more than 8 input sources, but it is capable of summing different digital audio sources perfectly.

Delay & Effects
Sample-accurate delay trimming up to 300 ms at any sample rate may be performed, and you can define Send/Return loops to apply to internal or external effects.

Bit Transparency
Matrix88 is bit pattern transparent and retains absolute bit transparency even across positive and negative gain adjustments. To help keep your audio as unaltered as possible, we have incorporated bit transparency indicators next to the faders.

Matrix 88 includes sophisticated fade-in/fade-out functions for perfect live control of on, cut and channel A/B/C switching.


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