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About Max Bennett

Max has toured and recorded with amazing recording artists Ella Fritzgerald, Peggy Lee, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, just to name a few. It's no exaggeration to say: Max Bennett – a living bass legend.

Max is an internationally known bassist and composer and his experience spans from concert touring, recording and producing, to composing music for feature films and television. His many years of working in the studios has given him the opportunity to exercise his affinity for jazz, blues, rock and latin music, and to combine those elements into his music.

Max has truly had an outstanding career that many could only dream of and we got the opportunity to ask the legendary Max Bennett some questions about our gear and Max’s fantastic career:

TC: How did you get into music and the music business?

Max: “From my early childhood, I was obsessed with music and began playing guitar at very early age. I continued playing in the high school dance band albeit, not well, until I began playing string bass. From that moment on the bass was my sole instrument. I continued playing bass through high school and then through two years of college. At the end of my second year in college, I decided to pursue my career in music. I had always gravitated toward jazz and that is still my first love. I continued to play with various jazz groups in Chicago and New York and points west. Later, I worked and recorded with many well known vocal stars such as Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and many more after moving to Los Angeles and eventually starting to work in the studios on movies, TV, commercials and record dates. In 1962, I bought my first Fender Precision E. bass and joined the ranks of those players who recorded for well-known artists in all styles of music. In 1972, I formed a group called L.A Express lead by Tom Scott, saxophonist. We recorded our own albums and eventually hooked up with Joni Mitchell for two great tours and four albums. I also recorded with a multitude of artists while still working as a "studio musician" including several Motown artists, Frank Zappa, Friends of Distinction and many others. Also during this period I became a writer of real contemporary jazz. This does NOT include so-called "smooth jazz" which I definitely do not subscribe to. I continue to work with my current group, Private Reserve”.

TC: Which TC Electronic products are you currently using?

Max: “I have played the TC Electronic RH450 until my recent acquisition of the TC RH750. Both amps are technically advanced in power, sound, ease of use, construction, weight, convenience and also damn good looking! Both are superb amps”.

TC: Where did you hear about TC Electronic gear, and what attracted you to it?

Max: “I first heard about the TC Electronic RH450 on the internet. It sparked my interest immediately because of its power, light weight, great looks and the many features including the tuner in the amp and the RC4 foot pedal with three settings for individual sound”.

He continues: “I use the gear both for live events and for all my recording. The electronics are very compatible with Pro Tools. What I notice most of all is how clean and flexible the sound is. Each venue you play at has its own situations and problems. The RH450 adjusts to all occasions easily! Also, having three separate settings in the RC4 remote serves me well in that I don't have to spend a great deal of time or effort to get the sound for each venue I want. Totally flexible.”

TC: What's your view or philosophy on recording and live playing?

Max: “I compose all my songs at home. I notate everything including all the individual parts for each instrument. I use the amp with my bass to voice the chord changes and the bass lines. I do not record at home. For me, it isn't necessary. Everyone in my group is an excellent reader and we don't spend a great deal of time rehearsing. I take my charts to the gig and we run them through at the sound check. Then we are ready to play. I let the artist contribute what he wants and this makes it happen! By the time we have played a few venues the song is ready to record. We use a click track for all recording.”


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