MD3 Original

Multi-band Dynamics Processing

High-resolution, multiband dynamics processing has been a trademark of ours for more than a decade. Splitting audio into frequency bands before expanding or compressing is a big help when fighting breathing and spectral intermodulation artifacts. Ultimately, our algorithms are designed with the headroom to do so without introducing split and recombination filter anomalies, and they can be used for level optimization, mix assistance or discreet spectral balancing as required.

Based on a Classic Algorithm
The MD3 algorithm is a refinement of our legendary MD2 dynamics algorithm from the award-winning M5000 effects processor. It uses a multi-band, 48-bit resolution structure and provides you with a 3-band compressor, expander, 4-band parametric equalizer and limiter in a single very powerful algorithm.

Look Ahead
The multi-band section gives you the advantage of adjustable look-ahead delay for gentle processing of transients, while the limiter lets you use its own overshoot proof micro-delay to prevent output samples above the defined threshold.

Formats and Conversion
You can configure MD3 for either stereo or dual mono processing, and you can use it on single sources as well as composite stereo mixes. Alternatively, you can process stereo material in the MS-domain, or MD3 can take in MS signals and convert them to stereo, with processing taking place in either the LR or MS domain.


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System 6000 mkll by Robbie Bronnimann - MD3 in M/S mode

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