MD4 Original


MD4 is an extremely advanced, high-resolution, multiband dynamics algorithm, featuring no less than five individual bands with phase linear reconstruction.

Mastering and More...
You can operate MD4 in several different ways, including the innovative DXP mode that allows you to lift up low-level detail individually in each band. Therefore, MD4 is perfectly suited for traditional mastering, but you can also use it for converting film to domestic dynamic range, or to process single sources such as vocal, dialogue or acoustic instruments.

Configuration and More...
All processing is done at pristine 48-bit resolution and can be configured to operate in stereo as well as dual mono, or it can be applied surgically to the M and S part of a stereo signal. For example, equalization and compression can target the center or L/R components of a mix to bring out certain elements, or adjust the width.


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System 6000 mkll by Robbie Bronnimann - MD4 VS MD3

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