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About Mou-Sheng Chang

Mou-Sheng Chang, aka Pumkin, is a very talented Taiwan-born bass player and Musical Director. After graduating from Los Angeles Music Academy, he started his successful career as a professional player.

Mou-Sheng Chang knew from an early age that he was destined to play the bass professionally, and hence he's been an integral part of the Chinese music scene since the tender age of 14. He attended Los Angeles College of Music in 2000, and took everything he learned back with him to Beijing in 2002. From there on he has taken part in countless album recordings and live tours, and as a bandleader he has backed up top Chinese acts like Mathew Lien, Faye Wong, Jeff Chang, Eric Moo, Tiger Hu and Chris Lee. In April 2010, he became the TC Electronic Bass Amp endorsee in China.