Multiband 5.1 Original

Multiband 5.1

The Multiband-5.1 algorithm is a multi-channel, multi-band optimizer, with Limiters and extensive possibilities to assign channels to multiple Sidechains. Four-band dynamics are available for 5.1-processing.

With the Multiband-5.1 it is possible to integrate dynamics processing for 5.1 applications offering features, which are not possible if using multiple stereo dynamic processors.

Multiband-5.1 processor contains:


  • 5 channels of three band expansion and compression
  • Full-range brickwall limiter on all Outputs
  • 1 channel of full range expansion, compression and limiting for the LFE (Sub) channel
  • 3 Sidechains for the five main channels, that can be assigned in flexible ways
  • 1 extra Input channel that can be used for external Side Chain Input

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