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Mantovani Mastery

Nova Delay is great. Truly great. And what do you do with something that's truly great? That's right, kick things up a notch and start from scratch with an open and inquisitive mind.


  • Custom Massimo Mantovani input buffer tweak
  • 6 studio quality delay types
  • preset- and manual mode
  • 9 user programmable presets

Input on improving input

Massimo Mantovani is quite the tone guru and tweaking legend and he loves working with the best gear out there, so he was naturally drawn to Nova Delay. The tweak he did on the input buffer was of such high quality we decided to bring his work to the guitar community when we heard the difference. The result is Nova Delay IB Modified.

6 super sounds - endless possibilities

Nova Delay houses 6 delay types and 2290 MS of delay time. Add the modulation options and you've got yourself a delay that came to play!

Manual or Preset

Whether you want the ease of use of preset mode or the freedom and control of a manual mode, Nova Delay goes either way.

Set to stay

Nova Delay features room to rock with 9 preset positions you can fill with sounds you can instantly recall.

Backstage Pass - All Access

Nova Delay IB Modified has an awe-inspiring range of sounds, but dialing in sounds is easy-peasy and the controls are so distinct you’ll always immediately hear what you’re doing.


Sets the amount of delay – subtle echo to synced stutter.


Sets the amount of repeats - short and snappy or looooooong delays, it’s up to you.

In and Out

Go mono or stereo depending on your rig, set-up or wishes - stereo does give a nice wide angle to things though.


Nova Delay uses a 12 volts (DC) adapter - and guess what? We’ve included it in the box!


This cool know allows you to select your flavour of delay so to speak, do you wanna channel the pristine ‘here and now’ vibe of a digital delay or a more loose tape sound or a lo-fi analog sound?

Mod level

Sets the level of modulation for your delay sounds - from a slight shiver to totally overwhelming soundscapes

Mix Level

Sets how loud you want your delays in relation to the dry signal - a very cool and dynamic thing to play around with.

Dynamic Delay

Originating from the 2290, this is a delay that waxes and wanes with your playing naturally. Very cool.

Reverse Delay

Whether you want classic backwards guitar to channel your inner Hendrix or Beatle, or opt for an experimental shoegazer-approved soundscape - the reverse delay will deliver.

Ping Pong

Jumps between left and right stereo channels, giving off a nice spacey vibe.


Slowly pans across the stereo image.


The characteristic, short delay you know from the 50s, rockabilly and country music.


Decides how the notes are divided. In dual delay mode, it’s possible to have different outputs for left and right! Whatever you wanna do, the subtypes make sure your rythmic delays are in time with your music/band/backing track.

Audio tapping

Set delay times on the fly and hassle-free by simply strumming your guitar or tapping the tempo on the pedal.

Gamechanging Modulated delays

Adds modulation to your delay lines for and incredibly lush and beautiful delay sound.

Delay spillover

We’re talking true spillover, so the delays will ring out even if you switch preset, switch to manual mode or bypass the pedal!

Nature vs Nurture

Nova Delay functions equally well with presets or in manual mode. There’s 9 presets available for you to fill with your most daring delays and manual mode is a quick easy what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Great for quick ideas or when inspiration strikes.

Rock an atomic clock

Ok, it’s not THAT precise, but Nova Delay allows you to dial in delay times with pinpoint accuracy - both in Milliseconds or in BPM.

ND-1 Nova Delay iB Modified's Resume

  • 6 studio quality digital delay types
  • Two switchable settings: » manual and preset
  • 9 user programmable presets
  • Up to 2290 ms delay time
  • Audio TappingTM - audio-generated tap tempo 
  • Modulated delay
  • Delay spillover


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Artists Using ND-1 Nova Delay iB Modified


Premier Guitar
by James Egolf

The studio-quality algorithms, coupled with easy, almost intuitive access and effective real-time manipulation equals a home run for both TC and guitar players ready to pony up and Velcro a high-end delay to their pedalboard.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar
Shep on Bass
by Chris Shepperson

I'm coming at this from a bass players perspective and from that perspective this thing is lush! Hopefully the video has demonstrated one VERY important point - The ND-1 iB Modified does not suck ANY tone from the bass. Your full rich sound goes untouched. (...) I certainly can't imagine any bass or guitar player not being happy with the purchase and if you are a musician that has little/no need for midi sync capabilities I can imagine this being the last delay pedal you ever buy.

Check out the full review by Shep on Bass