Nether Octaver

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Level up your tone with the vintage-sounding Nether Octaver and unleash a gnarly pitch-o-rama that will slay all the posers and make you irresistible to the mall chicks.

Nether Octaver gets you the recognizable glitchy synth sound reminiscent of an old arcade game hall. Use it subtly to fatten up your sound or use extreme settings for all out synth tones.

Alternatively, you could put on a purple satin suit and play the solo from "When Doves Cry" until your fingers bleed. The mall chicks will love it.

  • Vintage style sub-octaver
  • All-analog circuitry
  • True Bypass

Subsonic Girth

With either one octave below or two octaves below at once mixed it in with your original signal, Nether Octaver beefs up even the thinnest sounding rig with obscene amounts of obese octaves.

The pedal allows you to adjust the volume of each octave individually to fine tune your sound in detail. A Dry knob lets you either eliminate your dry signal completely for straight synth tones or boost it a bit to use the effect as your solo sound.

Old School Synth Glitch

Nether is not your pretty little polyphonic octaver with perfect tracking.

It's a lowdown and dirty bottom-feeder, spitting and wobbling with all the glorious glitchy tracking that you know and love from the old days.

The classic all-analog design gives you all the warm and glitchy synth sounds that you remember from the eighties arcade.

Built to endure

Nether Octaver doesn't just sound robust and tough - it is!

With its sturdy metal frame and low noise components, this pedal will take whatever you throw at it and ask for more.

The top-mounted jack inputs are a practical and ingenious feature that saves precious pedal board space and keeps cables out of your way just like true bypass circuitry keeps unwanted coloration out of your signal.


Sound examples by Kasper Falkenberg

Backstage Pass – All Access

Blast out some old school glitchy octaves with Nether on your board. The three knobs make it easy to adjust your tone exactly how you want it.

Octave 2

Two octaves down, this knob will challenge even the mightiest of subwoofers if you really let it breathe.

Octave 1

Turn up for some fat octave-down tones that will beef up your riffs big time.


Set you dry signal to unity gain, drown it out or jack it up for some lead action!

True Bypass

If you're not using it, you shouldn't be hearing it. Our high quality true bypass circuit keeps your signal squeaky clean.

  • Old school monophonic octaver
  • All-analog circuitry
  • 2 sub-octaves will fatten up any sound
  • True bypass
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Compact but roadworthy design
  • Highly affordable
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 10mA

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