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TC Electronic Nova Modulator demonstrated by Søren Andersen

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Creativity Enhanced

So, you've played guitar for a while. Play in a band, bedroom shredder, doesn't matter. The point is that you've advanced to the point where you don't take things for granted, You know tone, own great gear but want that thing that'll put your creativity over the top. Well, you've found it!


  • 7 studio quality modulation effects
  • Dual engine design
  • 9 user programmable presets

Modulation Mastery. Multiplied.

With seven stellar effects including tri-chorus and through-zero-flanger, Nova Modulator gives you all the modulation effects you'll ever need - and then some.

Dual Engine Tone

Use 2 different modulation effects simultaneously or combine 2 of the same ones and see how extreme things can get. Warning/encouragement: it can get pretty crazy.

Set and Forget

With an endless amount of tonal possibilities, we've made sure you have room to store all of your most creative sound designs. There's 9 programmable presets on tap giving you a wide range of ways to capture your sounds. Maybe for the band or just as a sketching block for the soundscapes in your head.

Backstage Pass - All Access

In many ways, Nova Modulator is the perfect pedal. From classic modulation effects to a frenzy of modulated extravaganza unique to Nova Modulator, it offers a wide range of effects that have one thing in common: they sound totally cool - tell us that’s not perfection!

LFO Trigger

Every time the NOVA Modulator is switched on using the ON/OFF switch, the LFO is re-triggered. This makes sure that for example you tremolo starts at the “on” position everything time... Something you won’t find in any other modulation pedal.


How fast the effect modulates – subtle shimmer to full-on meltdown.


This knob helps you shape the very nature of the effect, from a high-cut for chorus to flange or phase feedback to the pulse-width of the tremolo.

Other Effect Types

Phaser, tremolo, flanger, through-zero-flanger and vibrato.

Variation Button

This little gem adds subtle (and not so subtle) variant takes on effects that can range from “hmm, that’s nice” to “sweet mother of mercy that’s awesome!”

Tap Tempo

Tap this switch rhythmically to enter the global tempo.

Preset Button

Press this one to enter preset mode and cycle through them. It took quite some thinking, but we really feel that’s the best function for a button called ‘preset button’. Manual enters ‘manual mode’.

Effect Button

Use this button to turn effects on/off indvidually. Press once to prime, twice to activate and hold to turn off. Lord only knows what’ll happen if you press 4 times.

Star of the Show: Chorus

Nova Modulator features a chorus so good it’s hard to believe. It also features a sweet tri-chorus mode which makes 3 chorusses work together simultaniously for the thickest, juiciest sound ever.


What this knob does depends a little on what effect you are using, but essentially it determines the delay time or the filter sweep.


The intensity of the effect - the more you turn clockwise, the more things go outta tune (in a good way).

NM-1 Nova Modulator's Resume

  • 7 studio quality modulation effects
  • Dual engine design
  • 9 user programmable presets
  • LFO syncronization
  • LFO trigger
  • Tap tempo
  • Auto input gain adjustment
  • Stereo in/out


Nova Modulator examples

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Artists Using NM-1 Nova Modulator

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