Ignite Your Creative Forces

NonLin offers controllable envelope, attack, hold and release parameters. Therefore, you will be able to generate compact vocal ambience, dramatic eighties drum and percussion sounds, reverse reverb or completely new and twisted effects with this algorithm. You can also create classic gated reverb, but because it doesn't need to be triggered, you can use it on all sorts of program material.

Modern and old school
Compared to reverb effects from the past, the NonLin algorithm provides longer and more diffused response with a higher resolution, but classic, low density processing is also available.

A twist of madness
However, there is more, as NonLin also features a Twist parameter, which radically alters the sound - sometimes in weird ways. Adding Twist may not always be pretty, but the parameter is definitely a new spice capable of stimulating imagination as well as creativity, and it can be used to add character to any source of a mix.