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V-Station PowerCore

The V-Station|PowerCore virtual analog synthesizer is built on the award winning K-Station from Novation.

This awesome plug-in comes with three powerful oscillators providing all the classic waveforms, including a sine wave for those sub-bass floor-shaking grooves. Breath-taking liquid analog filters, 8-voice polyphony per instance, 6 simultaneous FX per instance and phatt sounds only found in a genuine Novation synth is just some of the great features included in the V-Station|PowerCore. 

All the primary sound-shaping controls are readily available on the main screen and for serious tweaking there are three additional screens enabling a wealth of possibilities. An arpeggiator with programmable speed, synchronisation and sweep range is available within each instance enabling comprehensive synchronisation of time-based effects. 

Last but not least, the V-Station PowerCore ships with 200 stunning factory sounds, covering a huge sonic range from searing leads to passionate pads, from delicate electric pianos to phatt funky bass. It's all there...

Main Features

  • 8 -12 note polyphony per instance - a total or 32-48 Voices 
  • Powerful 3 oscillator sound engine with noise and FM capability
  • Superb liquid analogue sound based on K-Station sound engine
  • Arpeggiator with synchronisation
  • Simultaneous high quality effects including Reverb, Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Panning & Distortion, EQ Filter
  • Multimode filters  - Low Pass, Band and High Pass
  • Randomiser feature for new patch / sound generator.
  • 400 User Programs - 200 awesome factory presets