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Channel Compressor-Limiter

PowerCore CL

Hi-quality compression and limiting on each channel is very hard to realize when limited to native processing only. PowerCore CL delivers just that - up to 28 PowerCore CLs can be run on one PowerCore card, or 7 per DSP. 

In spite of this efficiency, PowerCore CL employs a carefully crafted algorithm - emulating the behaviour of industry-standard analog compression devices, best imagined as "dbx-style" to use a classic reference, delivering comparable results in the hardware world.

From PowerCore software version 3 and up, the PowerCore CL adds an external input via the TC SideChainer plug-in, allowing you key the compressor input to an external signal for creating pumping or ducking effects.

Main Features

  • Highly efficient channel Compressor and Limiter 
  • Based upon the Vintage Compressor from the Gold Channel
  • Compressor employs "transistor" model 
  • Limiter with SoftSat™ 
  • 24/96 processing