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PowerCore Compact

PowerCore Compact

Portable power for artists and studios on the move

PowerCore Compact is a portable solution, well suited for laptop production environments on the road. With the FireWire connectors and the external power supply it only takes seconds to connect your PowerCore Compact, giving you instant access to serious processing and production tools. With 12 powerful plug-ins right out of the box, the PowerCore Compact gives you all the tools you need for productions on the road and in the studio. Additional plug-ins can be added at any time from our ever-growing bulk of optional plug-ins. Great effort have been put into the design and the PowerCore Compact is the preferred choice when portability and instant access to powerful tools is an issue.

Compact Tools

Run all the renowned PowerCore plugs on the PowerCore Compact, without straining your hosts CPU. Spanning from classic and mega reverbs, delays, chorus, EQs, Compression over guitars amp simulation to vocal processing and old school synthesizing, you have a complete production setup. With the renowned Master X3 and the Filtroid plug-ins, and the innovative Character plug-in from Noveltech, you have some of the best processing found anywhere and all of it is included right out of the box!

Compact Power

With two 150 MHz Motorola DSPs and one 266 MHz PowerPC you have enough power for most production tasks where mobility is paramount. Integrating seamlessly with most VST and Audio Unit host applications, the PowerCore Compact adds subtle power for demanding processing, taking the load of your laptop or tabletop PC or MAC.

Unlimited flexibility

PowerCore Compact delivers the ultimate grade of flexibility. It integrates smoothly with most VST or Audio Units applications securing that all processing is possible and in correlation with your favorite music and film editing application. Hook up to 4 PowerCore Compact's into the same system via the FireWire connectors, combine it with the PowerCore FireWire for even more power, or hook it up to a system already running with PowerCore Unplugged installed. For maximum flexibility we designed the PowerCore Compact to be highly portable. All you need to get your production environment on the move is a PowerCore Compact, a laptop and a plane ticket!

Included plug-ins

September, 2017: Discontinuing support for PowerCore

Back in 2011 we ceased further development of the PowerCore platform.

Although we have been doing no official development with regard to the PowerCore software itself, for almost 7 years we have however been maintaining the PowerCore account system, and provided customer support for PowerCore users.

As we are reorganizing our server infrastructure as well as human resources, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue our current support of the PowerCore infrastructure.

Therefore, on December 31st 2017, we will discontinue:

  • The PowerCore account system
  • Customer support for PowerCore

After December 31st 2017 it will no longer be possible to log into your PowerCore account to register products, transfer licenses etc. and we will no longer be providing customer support for the platform.

There is of course nothing that prevents users from using their current PowerCore system, also, we will keep the PowerCore forum running.

TC Electronic will continue to focus on music production and mastering, and we will be providing revolutionary solutions in these fields moving forward.

Future development of the PowerCore platform has ceased

As part of a larger strategic review in early 2011, we decided to cease further development of the PowerCore product range, including hardware units as well as software for the PowerCore platform.

With the most recent software release, PowerCore is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

The PowerCore drivers support 64-bit operating systems, but note that all plug-ins are 32-bit.