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RC4 footswitch

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This is the accesory you can't afford to miss if you own an RH450, RH750, Staccato'51 or Blacksmith amp - plain and simple.

In essence, you get a super handy tuner indicator right at your feet, a mute switch and three preset footswitches for instant access to the presets you've created on the amp. 

Oh, and it draws it's power directly from the amp so no power supplies or batteries. Should we just wait here while you go buy one?


  • Large, Ultra-precise Chromatic Tuner Display
  • 3 Switches for Changing Presets 
  • Mute Swith for Silent Tuning
  • No External Power Needed
  • Compatible with RH450, RH750, Staccato'51 and Blacksmith


Music Players
by Scott Kahn

The optional RC4 foot controller is a beautiful affair with a similar appearance to Nova series pedals. It has the digital tuner display and buttons for Mute as well as selecting the three memory settings. With the foot controller, you’ll never need to look at your amp for tone selection or tuning — nice!

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