Controls Frame

Frame Control Page

Reverb TwentyFour gives you full, yet simple control over countless reverb channels and hundreds of parameters.

On the Frame Control Page, you get easy access to select parameters across the three reverb engines of your unit.

In addition to the straightforward overview, the Frame Control Page also gives you easy access to the Global Level control as well as a Global Mute switch.

Controls Main

Main Page

On the Main page, you can use Groups (as defined on the Setup page, see below) to quickly offset balances and timing.

You simply get easy access to and control over the output level and decay time for many channels in a snap.

You can also make quick A/B tests by using the Mute and Zero function. Simply mute the output of one of the channel groups instantly, or set Pre Delay for an entire group of channels to zero with a single click.

It is also on the Main Page that you engage and control the amazing Power Correction tool.

Controls Grid and Group Setup

Grid & Group Setup

Define how the grid works by setting the parameters of the four buttons below the grid: Decay, Lo Decay, Hi Decay and Hi Cut (see above).

You can set the resolution as well as the 'Focus' which determines how much neighbor channels are affected. 'Narrow' influences the neighbor channel a bit, while 'Default' influences the neighbor channel plus the next a bit. 'Wide' also influences two channels on either side, but more than 'Default'.

You can also set Focus to 'FB Only' (front/back) or 'LR Only' (left/right) for applying the same off-center adjustments to all channels in either FB or LR layers.

On this page, you can also assign channels to 2 groups. The channels you mark go to Group 1 and the remaining belong to Group 2.

The Grid - Fast and Easy Operation

The Grid gives you fast and easy access to creating and adjusting amazing spaces for many channels simultaneously.

You can configure 8 speakers per instance in 3 different ways: Surround, Rows and Columns. 

In surround your speakers are aligned front and back as well as on the sides. 

When configured as rows, you have 4 speakers at the front and 4 at the back. 

In column configuration, you have 4 speakers on each side. 

Just below the grid, you'll find 4 buttons for setting Decay, Lo Decay, Hi Decay and Hi Cut.

Just select the parameter you want to adjust (in this case Decay) and drag the slider up or down.

When a button is selected, you can drag the green dot around the grid.

In this case, the decay time of channel 8 would be much longer than the rest, channel 5 and 7 somewhat longer, and channel 3 and 6 a bit longer. 

When you have placed the green dot for more than one parameter, the one you select at any given time is green while the rest are displayed in the grid as grey dots. 

Controls Reverb

Reverb Setup

Use the 'Rev' page for basic setup and color adjustment.

If you use more output channels than 8, be sure to have Assignment set correctly, i.e. to different Planes (NHK Multi-channel terminology) or to different Layers (all other formats).

You may combine e.g. a Layer 1 Surround in one Engine with a Layer 2 Column in another Engine, but you should always set different instances of Reverb 8 to different Layers.