Plug-in for Seamless DAW and NLE Integration

  • Incorporate Reverb TwentyFour in Your Workflow

    Explore the full potential of Reverb TwentyFour with your audio or video editor
  • Automated Preset Control

    Change Reverb TwentyFour presets with your editor's automation feature

Seamless Integration


With the Reverb TwentyFour plug-in (AAX, VST and Audio Unit), you can easily control the Reverb TwentyFour from within your editing suite of choice.

The plug-in is free for Reverb TwentyFour owners, and you can download it here

Preset Automation


Through standard automation you can change presets during playback, which means that you are able to get more out of the three engines of your Reverb TwentyFour than ever before.

The integrator plug-in is a game changer, that adds a whole new dimension to the Reverb TwentyFour unit.