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TC Electronic RH750 Bass Amp demo

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RH750 is our flagship compact bass amp, with power for days and a gorgeous, cutting-edge featureset that's equally equipped to handle the gruelling rigors of harcore touring and the hi-performance demanded in studio- and recording situations.

  • 750 watts
  • 3 Presets
  • Ultimate Tone Tools
  • Chromatic Bass Tuner

Power Plus Punch

With 750 watts of power as well as superior tonal capabilities and the well-known Bass Amp 2.0 feature set, RH750 is ready to take on any stage anywhere!

Suit Your Needs

Music is a living thing. Songs have vibes and moods, venues change, tones change and sometimes the job calls for a  change in bass. RH750 makes adapting to changes super-easy by allowing store/recall of three presets.

Force Focused

We've added SpectraComp™, a whole new way of looking at compression, tailor made for bassists. SpectraComp™ evens out compression equally over all strings, as opposed to just the low E, as is the case with conventional compressors. This results in a rock solid sound that cuts through any mix.


Backstage Pass – All Access

Built–in Bass Tuner

The on–board bass tuner is chromatic, and it’s always on. In other words, you can check up on your tuning state at any time – even at a quick glance in the middle of a tune. And tuning up between songs is faster then ever. Crowds just hate waiting!

3 Presets

Do you ever play different basses – or tunes that need unique tones – on the same gig? You can create 3 presets tailored for e.g. a Jazz Bass, a P Bass and an active bass, or it could be for Rock, Slap or Upright bass. It’s all up to you, and you’ll find that swapping basses on the stage is faster than ever!


TubeTone gives you that vintage feel of an all–tube bass amp. Rather than fitting a single tube in the preamp section, we have designed a pristine circuit that emulates not only a tube preamp, but also a complete tube power amp. Add subtle tube warmth or crank it all the way up for dirty drive tone.


Multi–band compression – the musical way to control dynamics. SpectraComp can be subtle or downright aggressive, but either way you get the best bass compressor ever made. Single–band compressors tend to be controlled only by the lower strings, but with SpectraComp you virtually get ‘per string compression’.

Flexible Tone Controls

The EQ section is semi–parametric on all 4 bands. You may never need to use the semi–parametric option, but if you should happen to be at a venue that requires surgical frequency adjustment, just hit the Shift button and define exactly at which frequency each EQ–band should cut or boost.

Late Night Jammin’

If you like jamming late at night, plug in a pair of headphones for a silent session. Keep it grooving, and keep your family and neighbors happy at the same time.

Power Up Anywhere

The ultimate in convenience for the traveling musician. The built–in power supply operates from 90 to 240 Volts, making life a lot easier if you’re on the road as there’s no complicated fuse changing – just plug and play wherever you are!

Effects Loop

Use the Send/Return connectors to hook up external effects. Traditionally, dry/wet effects such as chorus or reverb are used in a Send/Return system, but today there are no rules. If you want to experiment with adding effects like drive or filter modulation ‘on top’ of your clean signal, this is the way to go.

Line Driver

The built–in DI is state–of–the–art. In many cases superior to external DI boxes, so if you need to send a signal to an FOH engineer, try this option first. You can also use it when recording in the studio, taking advantage of the flexible EQ section, SpectraComp and TubeTone.

Plug & Play

Use your iPod, phone, MP3 player or similar to jam along your favorite tracks. Just plug it into the AUX input and you’re ready for a rehearsal session, combining your favorite music with your favorite bass tone!

Cabinet Configurations





Combine any three RS Cabinets

Combine any three K Cabinets








RC4 Perspective

RC4 Remote

Want to switch easily between your presets, or tune up without having to turn around? The RC4 Remote is your solution!

You gain total control right at your feet, and it will also allow you to quicly mute the amp for silent tuning in betweens songs.

RH750's Resume

  • 750 Watts
  • 4-band Semi-parametric EQ
  • 3 Presets
  • TubeTone
  • SpectraComp
  • TweeterTone
  • Chromatic Bass Tuner
  • Rehearsal Input / headphone Out
  • First-grade DI Out


Eric Smith (Rihanna / Justin Timberlake) presents TC Electronic's RH750 Bass amp

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Artists Using RH750


Bass Player
by Rod Taylor

Plugged in, the amp delivers the same quality tone as its sibling: punchy and full-bodied, with ample low end. Though I tend to take a “set it and forget it” approach to dialing in my amp tone, I found it hard to resist utilizing the RH’s memory feature, a slick system that involves setting your desired EQ curve and then pressing and holding any of those knobs for a moment to lock the setting.

Check out the full review by Bass Player
Bass Guitar Magazine
by Stuart Clayton

With the EQ controls set flat, the RH750 offers a transparent tone – a very faithful reproduction of the natural sound of your instrument, something we found tremendously appealing. As Mark King commented while talking about the unit at the London Bass Guitar Show, "I don’t use any EQ because I like the sound of my basses and I just want that amplified nice and clear."

Check out the full review by Bass Guitar Magazine (PDF)
Bass Professor
by Jogi Sweers

The huge, yet neutral basic sound of this amp makes a very good initial impression, which the RH750 then continues to confirm in any style and situation. Both in sound and dynamics, there is nothing left to wish for. A clear thumbs up!

by Dan Veall

This is a great amplifier capable of ultra clean sounds as well as a reasonable facsimile of guttural grunge and everything in between. Out of all the current crop of lightweight heads, for me, this one is right at the top of the list.

Check out the full review by iGuitar
Premier Guitar
by David Abdo

The RH750 has a strong midrange presence with solid lows and smooth highs. These characteristics were beneficial in live settings, and fellow soundmen lauded at how well it sat in the mix. I appreciated the ease of adjusting the EQ settings with my different basses, and storing those settings with the memory buttons was invaluable when switching instruments at a gig.

Check out the full review by Premier Guitar
Bass Quarterly
by Christoph Hees

The RH750 delivers crystal clear tones with tons of sound pressure - it checks all the right marks for live- and studio use. RH750 covers a lot of different styles and travelling bassists will love how easy it is to transport. Great price and both the quality and options are excellent!

iHeart Guitar
by Peter Hodgson

The RH750 is an astoundingly versatile amp. It’s capable of everything from very hi-fi, scooped-mid slap and pop sounds to a rounder, more classic rock voice, and its distortion tones are incredible. A lot of bass amps that offer distortion seem to fall short of the kind of mega-gain required of heavier styles, but the RH750 will give you way more grind than you’ll need. Great edgy Tool sounds are lurking right beneath the surface, side by side with some of the punchiest, most stage-ready clean tones you can imagine.

Check out the full review by iHeart Guitar
by Rainer Wind

The RH750 is exactly the update that have many RH450 users have hoped for. The amp comes with a TweeterTone knob to open the sound upwards, and now the compressor has its own controller. It also offers a whopping 300 watts more power at the same weight. Great! This probably makes the RH750 the most complete compact amp on the market. An absolutely successful overall package!

Check out the full review by Bonedo
by Jörg Hamers

Something big is hidden in this small housing. There are several different bass sounds in excellent quality and all sounds are delivered with authorithy and ample sound pressure.

Check out the full review by MusikMachen

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