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TC Electronic Nova Repeater delay pedal

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Nova Repeater is based on Nova Delay, but it's a version with all the excess trimmed of, stripped down to the bare essentials. It's a pedal for guitarists that want the killer TC Electronic delay sound but don't need all the in-depth features and programmability Nova delay offers.


  • 3 preset delay times tuned for guitarists
  • Adaptive dynamic delay
  • Wide range of delay sounds

No Delay, Just Play

Well, there's actually plenty of delay, but you aren't waiting to play while you fiddle with knobs. These pre-set ranges have been fine-tuned to hit the sweet spots most guitarists use for their sounds - providing great starting point to quickly dial in a setting.

Just Ducking Perfect

When it comes to more complex features (like ducking), Nova Repeater's adaptive dynamic delay that automatically sets the perfect threshold for the ducking. No calibration is needed - even if you decide to turn up the volume during a solo, Nova Repeater will automatically adjust the threshold on-the-fly.

Modulated Delays

Nova repeater features 2 types of delay mods, a vibrato and a chorus that add some real spice to your sounds. Whether you want to add a bit of vibrato for classic tape echo wow-and-flutter tones or a bucketload of chorus for those super clean 80's clean sounds - Nova Repeater is with you every step.

Backstage Pass - All Access

Get ready for Repeater? There is no getting ready! Just dive straight in and explore the controls and features, which are tailor-made for people that just want to rock straight outta the box.


Nova Repeater allows you to be as wide as you want with your sound, providing dual ins- and outs.

Mod Knob

Tone experimenters paradise, this knob allows you to add some modulation to your delays. Clockwise adds chorus while counter clockwise adds vibrato. Just think of all the inbetween ‘sweet-spots’ waiting to be discovered!

FX Level

Adjust the level of the delay repeats.

Subdivision Button

This sets the subdivision of the notes for a wide range of musical options. Go from classic quarter-note repeats to the dotted eight notes that worked such wonders for The Edge and David Gilmour.

Type Button

Use the type button to change between the six different delay types: Dynamic Tape, Reverse, Pingpong, Studio and Analog.

Kill Yourself

Nova repeater has a nice Kill-Dry function, cutting out your playing and leaving only the effected signal when pressed.


Do you want your delays to cut off as you stitch sounds, or do you want them to ‘spill over’ into the next thing you are doing? This knob allows for both.

Tone Knob

Go from crystal clear studio quality delay repeats to dark echoes that blend in just right for that perfect lead tone.

RPT-1 Nova Repeater功能一览

  • 6 different types of delay
  • Configurable delay range
  • Audio Tapping


TC Electronic Nova Repeater presented by Søren Andersen

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Artists Using RPT-1 Nova Repeater


Guitar Noize
by Jon Bloomer

Quite simply it does everything I want in a Delay pedal and allows me to get everything from perfect digital sounding delays to clipped analog delays with emulated wow and flutter and best of all works perfectly with my amp in the effects loop.

Check out the full review by Guitar Noize
by John Quigley

It gives you everything you could possibly want in a delay pedal: crystal clear digital delays, clipped analog delays, modulation effects, and it works perfectly at both instrument and line levels. It’s a simple-to-operate and effective pedal offering you some of the world’s best sounding delays at an affordable price. In fact, we liked it so much that we probably won’t be sending the review unit back!

Check out the full review by Musicplayers.com
by Rob Chappers

The TC Nova pedals are gaining quite a following, each in the range has something special to offer, and with this the Nova Repater, there's no skimping on that front. With both analog and clean studio type delays, this pedal also offers modulation effects in the form of Chorus and Vibrato.

Check out the full review by Sonicstate

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