Discontinued Products

Sonnox Oxford EQ PowerCore

Sonnox Oxford EQ suite from the OXF-R3

Sonnox Oxford EQs deliver an unparalleled quality and flexibility with very musical results and extremely low noise and distortion, below -130 dB!

The EQ & Filters plug-in comprises out of 5 different sections including HF and LF selectable to shelf. Two additional HF and LF filters add to the power with variable slopes from 6 dB to 36 dB per octave. The models and technology of these plug-ins are based on the same as in the popular Sony Oxford consoles and Pro Tools plug-ins. 

The package includes different plug-in versions for greater DSP-efficiency. If you are looking for the ultimate in EQ, this is your solution!

Distributed and supported by www.sonnoxplugins.com.

Main Features

  • Very musical results
  • 4 different EQ-style models for a maximum of artistic flexibility - from British to transparent
  • Extremely low noise and distortion (below -130 dB)
  • 5 separate sections with HF and LF selectable to shelf
  • 2 separate HF and LF filters with variable slope from 6 dB to 36 db/oct
  • HF sections are fully decramped
  • A/B and selection between two complete sets of settings
  • 24/96 processing
  • Includes mono- and stereo versions of 3 EQ Plug-Ins
  • Various by Plug-In (e.g. 4 Mono-EQs per DSP)