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SpectraDrive Bass Preamp & Line Driver is a powerful tool for serious bass players in search of an exceptional sounding and ultra-flexible preamp. 

Jam-packed with useful features, it features built-in TonePrint® compression and distortion as well as a custom built studio-grade DI unit with a transformer-based output.

On top of all that, SpectraDrive also doubles as the perfect practice tool with its high quality headphone amplifier and AUX input.

  • Powerful bass preamp with TonePrint compressor and drive built in
  • Pro-quality DI box with transformer balanced output
  • Headphone amp with cab simulation and AUX input

Kick it into TubeDrive!

Next to the compression is our TubeDrive knob, giving you the dynamic and warm sound and feel of a full blown tube amp. 

Our acclaimed TonePrint technology lets the TubeDrive knob serve up anything from a slightly overdriven tone with organic, rich harmonics into fuzzed out, edgy hard rock distörtiön by beaming in different TonePrints.

TubeDrive has its own dedicated footswitch so you can kick it in at just the right moment.   

Not your average stompbox

SpectraDrive is more than just a bass preamp and distortion pedal. 

In fact, it's also a professional quality DI box with a studio-grade balanced output, connecting nicely to any mixing console or recording equipment.

The high grade components feature three toggle switches for Pre/Post EQ, Ground/Lift and Instrument/Line level, while parallel outputs make it easy sending your dry bass tone to your amp or a separate tuner while feeding all the tonal goodness of SpectraDrive through the PA system. 

You gotta have TonePrints!

Our acclaimed TonePrint setup lets you beam in a wealth of artist TonePrints into SpectraDrive along with TC's own default tones, crafted in-house.

Using the same advanced multiband algorithm known from TC Electronic's legendary System 6000 studio compressors, SpectraComp gives you unequaled control over dynamics and cuts through the mix like a flaming katana slashing warm butter, while you can beam in a different flavors of overdrive and distortion on the TubeDrive switch.


Backstage Pass – All Access

SpectraDrive is brimming with features, allowing you to sculpt your tone, ditch the old amp and cut through any mix so let’s lay it all out on the table.


Beef up your drive sound with that unmistakable tube amp response that oozes warm, organic harmonics and dynamic distortion. Everything from a bit of dirt when you dig in to fuzzed out, hard distortion.


An advanced, studio-grade multi-band compressor that’s operated by a single knob. Ported from the System 6000 studio compressor, SpectraComp provides superb control over dynamics and power.

Headphone jack & AUX input

Plug in your favorite pair of headphones and practice at bedroom volume with high quality cabinet simulation. Practice with your music device plugged in the AUX input and groove along with your favorite jams to get those low notes locked in for the stage.

Intelligent EQ section

The EQ stack is carefully tuned for bass, meaning that instead of controlling one fixed set of frequencies when you turn a knob, each of the four knobs alter the frequencies it controls, depending on whether you boost or cut.

Line Driver controls

SpectraDrive features all the pro-quality DI box features you need for a recording gig or live performance. This includes nifty little switches for Ground/Lift, Line/Inst, and Pre/Post EQ.


The Bypass switch turns on the preamp and the compressor.


Controls the TubeDrive TonePrint. By turning on the Drive while the pedal is bypassed it works like a pre-load, meaning you can turn on the preamp AND the TubeDrive with one click.

Line-Driver out

A balanced output with a high quality transformer makes for noise-free operation and a happy sound guy.

Input/output and through

Aside from your run-of-the-mill input/output, SpectraDrive features a THRU jack for sending your dry signal to a tuner or the PA system.

  • Powerful bass preamp with intelligent EQ tuned specifically for bass
  • TonePrints for a wide range of different compressions and drives
  • High grade transformer balanced line-driver output
  • Headphone amp with cab simulation and AUX input for practicing. 
  • Buffered bypass via BonaFide Buffer
  • Top-mounted I/O with dry 'THRU'-output
  • Compact but roadworthy design
  • Switches for Pre/Post, Ground/Lift, and Line/Instrument level.
  • Highly affordable
  • 9V power supply included with purchase
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 250mA 

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