If you own our original System 6000, you have the opportunity to upgrade your System 6000 frame to full MKII specifications. The upgrade package contains the following elements.


  • Brushed Alu Front

  • Internal Hardware Upgrade

  • LM6 Loudness Radar Meter

  • System 6000 Integrator Plug-In (iLok ID required)
    (Applies to upgrades purchased after 1 March 2014)

  • One More License of Your Choice

  • One Year Warranty

  • Makes Your System 6000 Future-Proof

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The MKII Upgrade is recommended for all System 6000 users as software release 5 will be the last for the original platform. System 6000 software, including system upgrades and new algorithms will only apply to System 6000 MKII moving forward.

We are ready to receive your old System 6000 frame and get the upgrade procedure executed at lightning speed.

The three ways to upgrade are:

  • Trade In: You trade in your old MKI and get a discount on purchase of a new MKII system
  • Frame Upgrade: You send in your MKI frame only and our technicians add a new faceplate and the necessary components to turn it into a MKII
  • Bundle Upgrade: You send in your MKI which is upgraded, your CPU & mainframe is upgraded from a MKI to a MK II

To learn more about the practical details, don't hesitate to contact us at

Brushed Alu Front

Your old System 6000 frame is refurbished and upgraded with a stronger chassis and new, stylish aluminum design.

One Year Warranty

Regardless the age of your old System 6000 frame, your MKII frame will come with one year warranty.

Internal Hardware Upgrade

Board and component replacement turns your original System 6000 into a fully-featured MKII frame. The upgrade includes installation of new software and transfer of previously acquired licenses.

Makes your System 6000 future proof

Software release version 5 was the last to support the original System 6000 frame.

System 6000 software, including system upgrades and new algorithms will only apply to System 6000 MKII moving forward so upgrading your mainframe and CPU will make your system future proof.

LM6 Radar Loudness Meter Included

The upgrade includes a license for LM6 - our Mono, stereo and 5.1 loudness meter conforming to new broadcast standards such as ITU-R BS.1770-2, EBU R128 and ATSC A/85. If you ever deliver content for broadcast, this is an invaluable metering tool.

The Radar Display will give you a complete overview of your Loudness Landscape at a glance: Loudness History, Momentary Loudness, True-Peak Level, Program Loudness and Loudness Range.


Learn More About LM6

System 6000 Integrator Included

System 6000 Integrator Banner 3

System 6000 Integrator is an audio & video software integration plug-in. In short, it allows you to integrate pristine TC processing with your DAW or NLE.

Simply save and reload the complete settings of your System 6000 as part of your project.

You need to provide an iLok ID, but not necessarily a physical iLoK USB key. You can choose to store the plug-in licese on your computer or on an iLok Key.


Learn More About System 6000 Integrator

One More License of Your Choice

On top of the LM6 Loudness Radar license, you are also entitled to one of the following licenses when you upgrade your System 6000:


Reverb 8 License

Reverb8 is your perfect, pristine-sounding solution for multichannel formats. Particularly useful for multichannel film production. Go from 8 to infinity...

Learn More About Reverb 8 License

Stereo Mastering License

The Stereo Mastering License holds three algorithms: MD3, MD4 and BrickWall Limiter2, including Limiter, Optimizer and Stereo Enhancer presets.

Learn More About Stereo Mastering License

Stereo Reverb License

This license includes our very best stereo source reverbs and delays, such as VSS3, VSS4, Nonlin2 and Reflector, plus access to hundreds of film and music presets as well as the stereo section of Halls of Fame.

Learn More About Stereo Reverb License

UnWrap™ HD License

Are your source tapes in poor shape, unavailable or too sacred to touch? UnWrap HD comes to the rescue, producing a 5.1 version from your stereo input

Learn More About UnWrap™ HD License

Live Aid License

Live Aid includes two powerful algorithms, ALC6 and DMix, as well as a host of presets targeted to the loudness and true-peak requirements of most of the world.

Learn More About Live Aid License


High-quality pitch change, chorus and double tracking. Quite simply the best, most unobtrusive pitch control device you will ever find.

Learn More About VariPitch8

AM6 License

The AM6 radar combines an intuitive and efficient way of visualizing annoyance of stereo or 5.1 content over time, while the integrated Leq(M) number indicates the status of the entire trailer or commercial.

Learn More About AM6 License

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