Below, you will find a list of available licenses for System 6000. Each license holds one or more algorithms, and depending on your choice of system, some of the licenses are already included, while the remaining will be available for optional purchase.

Live Aid License

The Live Aid license gives you two pristine loudness processing algorithms, ALC6 and DMix, developed for broadcasters covering 'no-compromise' live events such as the London Olympics. Live Aid's metering adheres to international standards on all outputs.


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Automatic Loudness Correction Processor delivering high-resolution, low-latency loudness control in a world full of level jumps between programs.

Learn More About ALC6


Downmix, loudness-process and true peak limit any mono, stereo or 5.1 source. Input formats are detected automatically.

Learn More About DMix

LM6 License

Your Loudness Landscape at a Glance: Loudness History, Momentary Loudness, True-Peak Level, Program Loudness and Loudness Range.


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Complete loudness overview at a glance, including Loudness History, Momentary Loudness, True Peak Level and universal descriptors that can show e.g. Program Loudness, Loudness Range.

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UnWrap HD License

UnWrap HD takes your stereo input and produces a 5.1 version ready to go for all of your mixing needs. Do you have a classic mix that is too sacred to touch? Or, maybe your multi-track source tape is in poor condition...or not available. UnWrap HD comes to the rescue.


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UnWrap HD

UnWrap HD
UnWrap HD

Our UnWrap HD algorithm is the go to upconverter for film and mastering professionals. The sheer sound quality you achieve during upconversion is unrivalled and can be heard in countless cinema movies and music tracks.

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MDW HiRes EQ License

Developed to George Massenburg's specifications, the MDW HiRes EQ gives you new, desirable EQ flavors. This EQ replicates the most precise behavior of a true analog EQ and minimizes potential alias distortion. The MDW HiRes EQ comes with a pristine 48-bit precision signal path from input to output. You also get both 2 and 6 channel configurations.


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There can be absolutely no doubt that George Massenburg has a great sense of audio, and the MDW® HiRes EQ has been developed strictly to his personal specifications. As the MDW® design complements the TC Electronic EQ alternatives, you simply get the opportunity to choose between several desirable EQ flavors, each with their own specific advantages.

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VariPitch8 & Toolbox 5.1 License


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High-quality pitch change, chorus and double tracking. Quite simply the best, most unobtrusive pitch control device you will ever find.

Learn More About VariPitch8

Toolbox 5.1

Support your surround productions with a palette of various Level, Test, Bass Management and Downmix tools.

Learn More About Toolbox 5.1

Stereo Mastering License

Our three stereo mastering algorithms are the absolute high-end tools for Multiband Compression, EQ, Expanding, Normalizing, and Brickwall Limiting. The result: nothing less than a flawless sound for every end listener.


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This high-resolution, multiband dynamics processor has been the industry standard for more than a decade. It will split your audio into individual frequency bands before expanding and compressing.

Learn More About MD3

Brickwall Limiter 2

The ultimate True-peak protection of your signal without sacrificing loudness. We've designed this processor to show if a signal is contaminated with 0dBFS+ peaks - and to remove them.

Learn More About Brickwall Limiter 2


Advanced, high-resolution, multiband dynamics algorithm that includes the innovative DXP mode, allowing you to lift up low-level detail individually in each band.

Learn More About MD4

Matrix 88

Digital 8-Channel Mixer. Achieve maximum resolution with the intelligent limiter, advanced digital summing mixer, accurate delays and bit pattern transparency.

Learn More About Matrix 88

Stereo Reverb License

This license includes our very best stereo and dual source reverbs and delays - for example VSS3, VSS4, Nonlin2 and Reflector - plus access to hundreds of film and music presets as well as the stereo section of Halls of Fame.

The Stereo Reverb License is included with Reverb 6000.


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Highly advanced stereo reverb capable of treating source-related reflections from multiple angles with results of unrivalled precision.

Learn More About VSS™ 4HD


Generic Reverb with a true vintage flavor and a flattering sustain effect. It complements Source Reverb very well, and both can be great for different types of reverb applications.

Learn More About DVR2


An extremely versatile delay and boundary effect that can reflect any environment. Easy to edit, so you can remain intuitive while mixing.

Learn More About ReflectorLCR


A Classic M5000 algorithm that gives you a digital version of the highly-acclaimed TC XII stomp box. It features several swept filter sections to control the impact of your effect.

Learn More About Phaser


Reverb that's great for percussive instruments. It comes with a well-defined and precise build up and the uncorrelated design ensures perfect mono compatibility.

Learn More About Reverb-2


Great effect for small room simulations. Professionals in film and post production have found this algorithm perfect for reproducing the short 'tails' of small rooms.

Learn More About Core-2

Delay 1

24 bit true stereo delay that gives you up to 2.5 seconds in each channels with basic feedback control. You can use it with sample rates up to 96kHz.

Learn More About Delay 1

VSS™ 3

What you get is simply a 'true-to-life' sound. We've designed this algorithm to painstakingly recreate room types that are incredibly convincing.

Learn More About VSS™ 3


Envelope, Attack, Hold and Release parameters set you free to create compact vocal ambiance, dramatic eighties drum and percussion sounds, reverse reverb - or your own new sonic creations.

Learn More About NonLin2


High-resolution stereo chorus and flanging effects as well as modulated stereo delays of up to 650 ms per channel.

Learn More About Chorus


Classic and true stereo reverb. Control decay time with four individually adjustable frequency bands and create sounds with virtually no audible early reflections.

Learn More About Reverb-3

Delay 2

Delay with filtered feedback control. Now you can modulate delays with full control over the relative L/R phase to emulate chorus or tape delay perfectly.

Learn More About Delay 2

Multichannel Mastering License

Use multichannel presets as templates for 5.1 limiting, optimization, DVD mastering and film to DVD transfers. Our presets are great starting points for Time Alignment, Bass Management and Downmix functions meeting international standards.

The Multichannel Mastering license includes all algorithms from the Stereo Mastering license, and is included with Mastering 6000.


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MD 5.1

Compressor, Expander and Limiter for multichannel signals in one algorithm. Extensive linking and priority parameters enable you to control your processing with precision.

Learn More About MD 5.1

Toolbox 5.1

Support your surround productions with a palette of various Level, Test, Bass Management and Downmix tools.

Learn More About Toolbox 5.1

MDX 5.1

High-resolution dynamics processor for multichannel signals. This algorithm gives you a sophisticated approach to dynamic range control.

Learn More About MDX 5.1

EQ 5.1

Six mono channels of 4-band fully parametric EQ. Use this analog-sounding effect alone or in conjunction with other algorithms.

Learn More About EQ 5.1

Multichannel Reverb License

With this license you can access SpacePan and every reverb and delay preset in the machine, including the complete Halls of Fame bank and the Skywalker Sound Collection.

The Multi Channel Reverb license includes all algorithms from the Stereo Reverb license, and is included with Reverb 6000.


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VSS™ 6.1

If you need to add reverb to an existing 5.1 or 6.1 signal or move sources around with a joystick, VSS™ 6.1 Reverb is your algorithm.

Learn More About VSS™ 6.1


4 discrete mono reverbs. Engineers often find such a setup more useful than using pre-configured structures for stereo, 5.1, 6.1 and other formats.

Learn More About VSS™ M4


Our 8 input panning algorithm allows you to position any audio source precisely in a real-time or surround environment.

Learn More About SpacePan

VSS™ 5.1 Source

A true 5.1 simulator algorithm with multi-directional, early-reflection patterns, a wide sweet spot and fully uncorrelated rendering.

Learn More About VSS™ 5.1 Source


An extremely versatile delay and boundary effect that can reflect any environment. Easy to edit, so you can remain intuitive while mixing.

Learn More About Reflector6

VSS™ Surround

Unique room simulator for matrixed sound production. This algorithm turns the diffused field of the simulation into an Lt/Rt signal.

Learn More About VSS™ Surround

Engage License


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Engage deals with three-dimensional sound reproduction in headphones. You can now deliver optimum surround results for those of your listeners using headphones.

Learn More About Engage

BackDrop License


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Unparalleled stereo broadband noise reduction algorithm primarily intended for - but not limited to - restoration applications. Simply capture a noise-print, then adjust and calculate it, and you are up and running.

Learn More About BackDrop