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Tap Factory - Multi-Tap Delay

Tap Factory PowerCore

Transcend the Average Delay - A Tweaker's Paradise

Let your creativity run wild with this delay/reverb hybrid. Easily design custom out-of-this-world effects that cross the borders between Ambience, Early Reflections, Reverb and Delay.

Based on System 6000 Reflector algorithm, Tap Factory makes customization of your sound a breeze and brings radical signatures to your productions. Tap Factory's extremely intuitive and clean user interface allows you to make individual parameter settings for each of its 24 taps within seconds.

Tap Factory includes a bonus LE version that allows you to run multiple instances per DSP on current PowerCore systems and supports first generation PowerCore hardware.

Main Features

  • Multi-tap delay with 24 taps capable of everything from Ambience, Early Reflections, Reverb and Delay effects.
  • Based on System 6000 Reflector algorithm
  • 9 seconds of delay time.
  • Tap tempo/rhythm tap.
  • Shade section: 3-band filter with diffusion.
  • Intuitive user interface for single tap/group tap editing.
  • Tap Factory requires 2nd generation PowerCore hardware (all except the Element and PCI).
  • Includes Tap Factory LE, supporting multi instances per DSP on 2nd generation hardware as well as 1st generation hardware.