TC Electronic Introduces K-Series Bass Cabinets

(Risskov, Denmark, January 21st 2015)

TC Electronic announces the K-Series Bass Cabinets, which with their amazing sound, lightweight design and vertical stacking feature follow in the footsteps of TC Electronic's renowned RS and BC bass cabinets.


The K-Series consists of three 8Ohm cabinets. The clear and punchy K210, the crisp and ultra-rich sounding K212 and the heavenly roaring K410, which all contain high-end custom-made drivers and a 1" ceramic tweeter, all encapsulated in a durable and roadworthy plywood cabinet.


But the K-Cabs don't just sound amazing, they also look it. Their phenomonal vintage-vibed tolex design is sure to turn every bass rig into a work of art, ready to blow the audience away in every way possible.



  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • Supports vertical stacking
  • High-end custom-made 10" and 12" drivers
  • 1" custom-made ceramic tweeter
  • Cool vintage-vibed looks
  • Dual speakon connections


I can't help it, but every time I see our new K-Cabs I'm all smiles. These cabs just look so insanely cool, they sound utterly amazing, and on top of that they weigh close to nothing. What more could you possibly want from a cab? And after spending hours on end meticulously hand-picking the right drivers and tweeters, perfecting the tolex design and making sure that the construction is solid as a rock, it's fantastic to finally have the cabs ready to rock and ready for the public. I personally think we've outdone ourselves this time!  - Morten Ehlers, Product Manager for Bass




K210 Hi-Res Images

K212 Hi-Res Images

K410 Hi-Res Images