The TC ICON remote is, quite simply, the most intuitive interface you could ever get your hands on. We think you'll be absolutely captivated by how easily you can navigate through the thousands of audio options at your fingertips.

  • Intuitive Touch-Screen
  • Touch-Sensitive, Motorized Faders
  • Controls System 6000 - and more
  • High-Tech Metal Casing
  • Software Version for Mac and PC
TC Icon MKII_490

Calm. Cool. Control.

The TC Icon's touch screen is a powerful nerve center that takes you where you most need to go. The motorized faders allow you to tweak he parameters you most need to control - they move automatically to your preset positions, and you can go from there.

We've made The TC ICON Remote Ethernet based, so you can control your audio work from anywhere: the transmission room, studio control room - even from a remote desktop application.

Routing and Devices Pages
Routing and Devices Pages

Open Up New Worlds

Long recognized as the center of the System 6000, audio professionals are also using the TC ICON remote to control a wide range of high-definition audio processors.

  • DB8
  • DB4
  • DB2
  • LM2
  • Reverb4000
  • P2

Reverb 6000 / Mastering 6000

DB4 / DB8




Reverb 4000

Remote CPU rear panel

The TC Icon hardware comes in two pieces. The Desktop Icon control surface and the Remote CPU.

COM port 1

For connection of TC units with RS232 interface. E.g. P2 and DB2.

Connection for PC keyboard or mouse


Connection for TC Icon

COM Port 2

For connection of TC units with RS232 interface. E.g. P2 and DB2.

LAN 1: TC Network

Connection to one or more more frames


Connection for VGA monitor.

2 x USB

USB connection for TC products with USB connection, e.g. Reverb 4000

LAN 2: Internet

Connects to the internet for software updates etc.


Connect 100–240V AC, 50/60 Hz auto–select

TC Icon Software available for Mac and PC
TC Icon Software available for Mac and PC

TC ICON Software

TC ICON is available as a hardware unit with touchscreen and motorized faders as well as a free stand-alone application for Mac & PC.

The software version - which is exactly the same sophisticated software as in the TC ICON hardware - allows you to control your TC device(s) over long distances via ethernet. In other words, you can install your device in a 'machine room' and operate it from a control room, or even log on from your laptop at home.


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