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Virtual guitar amp based upon the AC 30

TC Thirty PowerCore

TC Thirty is a virtual model of a classic British Vox amplifier from 1961, providing the sound and behavior of the "normal channel" found on that amp. 

A lot of users of the classic AC 30 amplifier have added a modification called a "treble booster" that was used to overdrive the tubes of the amp and create a singing, crunchy guitar sound. On the TC Thirty there is also a treble booster option, which was conceived with the classic sound of Queen's Brian May in mind. The resonance can be switched to different frequencies so that people who are using different guitars can still get close to "that sound" - and they can create their own unique sound as well.

The plug-in features the TC PowerCore "No Latency" mode that allows for playing TC Thirty in a live recording or performance situation. TC Thirty also offers an oversampling option for even better processing quality than in standard mode. Up to four standard mode instances of TC Thirty can run on one PowerCore FireWire DSP.

Main Features

  • Actual model of 1961 VOX(TM) AC30
  • Includes Normal Channel
  • Includes Treble Booster Model
  • Provides 4 Drive models for different guitars