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TC Tools Chorus

TC Tools

TC Tools 3.7 includes 3 essential processing tools for your Pro Tools 24 Mix and HD. TC Tools 3.7 supplies you with studio quality Reverb, Chorus and Parametric EQ Plug-Ins in 24-bit, delivering just the quality you'd expect from the company that brought you ultimate sound machines like the M5000 Digital Audio Mainframe.

TC Tools support Pro Tools 24M ix and HD and are able to operate at sample rates up to 96 kHz.
TC Tools 3.6 is available for Mac OS 9.x. TC Tools 3.7 is available for Mac OS X (PPC).

Mega Reverb
Mega Reverb's unique algorithms are based on years of ongoing research and the core flagship technology of the M5000. With even better diffusion, denser tails and more realistic room impressions than ever before, Mega Reverb provides the ultimate reverb solution for your Pro Tools PCI, 24, 24 Mix and HD system!

The new version 3.0 adds Initial Reflection and Tail Balance Faders for even more creative control! 

Easy to use
An intuitive user interface gives you an overview of all relevant parameters at a glance. Graphic representation and easy control of the parameters takes all guesswork out of the reverb creation process and get you the sound you want fast.

Power Tools
Mega Reverb fully utilizes the new powerful DSP architecture of Digidesign's Pro Tools 24 Mix, and features even higher density, more realistic room impressions than the renowned Mega Reverb for Pro Tools.

Mega Reverb runs on Pro Tools 24 Mix systems with up to 2 independent Plug-Ins running on one DSP. The version included with TC Tools 3.7 also supports Pro Tools 24, PCI and HD. World famous reverberation for your Pro Tools system.


  • Reverb algorithms core 1 and 2 from the TC M5000.
  • New Diffusion and Tail Tuning.
  • Six room shapes, modeled after real rooms: Hall, Fan, Prism, HorseShoe, Small and Club.
  • 3 Band Tail.
  • Seperate Early Reflections and Tail Controls.
  • Hi-Cut Filter.
  • True Stereo processing.
  • 100 presets.
  • 24/96 processing.

ChorusDelay, Modulation Multi-FX.
ChorusDelay provides the trademark TC Electronic sound. It recreates the 1210 Spatial Expander with its unique modulation images like Chorus, Flanging and Slap Delay with very flexible routing and filtering facilities. Of course you can adjust the modulation speed in BPM.


  • Brings the classic TC1210 sound to your workstation.
  • 10 great Chorus, Flanging and Slap Echo delay effects.
  • HiCut filter.
  • Flexible routing.
  • 24/96 processing.
  • 2 stereo per DSP in 48 kHz.

EQsat, Hi-Performance EQ.
EQsat is a very clean sounding and carefully crafted EQ-model for any application including mastering. The processor provides 5 bands with 3 parametric ones and 2 additional shelving bands. The frequency response display gives instant feedback on the applied equalization curve. And what's more, the unique saturation emulation can be activated to create that warm, analogue sound whenever desired.


  • SoftSat™ for warm, analogue sound.
  • 3 parametric bands with Frequency, Gain and Bandwith controls.
  • Hi and Lo Band with Frequency, Gain and Slope controls.
  • Boost/Cut up to 18dB per band.
  • Boost/Cut frequencies with pinpoint accuracy.
  • 24/96 processing.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS 9.x or Mac OS X.
  • PowerMac G3, G4 or G5 eqipped with Pro Tools 24 Mix or Pro Tools HD according to Digidesign's requirements.