Teleport Overview



Teleport is a high-performance active guitar signal long cable run system consisting of a transmitter (GLT) and a receiver (GLR).

Engineered to convert your GLT transmitters balanced low-impedance (Lo-Z) signal back to non-balanced (Hi-Z), Teleport is effective for distances of up to 300 feet (100 meters) with absolutely zero signal loss - making it the ideal solution for long cable runs in performance venues and recording studios.

Long Distance Workaround

A large stage often presents a challenge when it comes to getting your guitar signal to your amplifier, and running a long unbalanced 1/4" guitar cable can quickly suck the life out of your precious tone.

Plus, those long guitar cables are extremely susceptible to electrical noise and radio-frequency interference (RFI), not to mention signal loss.

Teleport allows you to use standard balanced Lo-Z mic cables to eliminate all of the above, so you never lose a drop of tone.

Natural Sound

You've worked hard to achieve your signature sound - and Teleport's high headroom design respects that!

Whether you're connected to a cranked stack in an off-stage isolation booth, or in the studio, you get your guitar's true, noise-free tone - which can even be fed to pedalboards, amps and wireless systems.

Ease of Use

The entire Teleport system takes mere minutes to set up and is so easy to use, no matter the size of the venue or studio.

Just connect GLT (transmitter) and GLR (receiver) using a balanced XLR microphone cable, hook your guitar up to the GLT, plug the GLR's output into your amp's input, and Teleport instantly buffers, balances and matches impedance all by itself.

Teleport is even fully transformer-isolated for electrical separation and ultra-low noise, with low harmonic and phase distortion (techno-speak for: it sounds great!).

Teleport's Resume

  • High headroom design offers superior sound quality
  • Variable Pickup load compensation for pure sound
  • Low impedance 1/4" TR output to connect to amplifier
  • Drives your guitar signal up to 300 feet (100 m) without any loss
  • High quality Neutrik* XLR for highest signal integrity
  • Earth Lift switch eliminates ground loop problems
  • Fully transformer-isolated design ensures electrical separation
  • Ultra low noise, harmonic and phase distortion design
  • Aluminium extrusion casing with protective silicone rubber corners
  • Compact and rugged design

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