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British fusion jazz virtuoso, Tom Quayle, is a master of fluid legato improvisation and an accomplished guitar instructor, hosting masterclasses all over the world.

Born in Bristol in 1980, Quayle picked up the guitar at the relatively late age of 15.

Growing up in a family of musicians however, he was no stranger to the world of music, having listened to his father, an accomplished finger style guitarist, play in folk clubs for years.

Like most young guys first getting into guitar, he was playing along to Iron Maiden and Metallica.

He devoured any guitar magazine, he could get his hands on, learning the lessons section note for note by himself until he eventually began taking lessons.

It was his guitar teacher that inspired Quayle to start experimenting with the 4ths tuning that has since become second nature ot him, forming a large part of his sound and style.

At that time, Quayle was getting heavily into fusion and jazz and chose to pursue music as a way of life.

After graduating from Leeds College of Music in 2002, he spent a few years playing and teaching jazz. But it wasn’t until he heard a Greg Howe recording that he got inspired to play fusion again.

He found that the 4ths tuning made improvising much easier for him because of the fretboard symmetry it provided and has since developed his entire technique around it.

Earlier this year, he released the record 'Chapter One' with The Elba Triangle, a group consisting of Quayle himself and fellow guitarists Marco Sfogli and Alessandro Benvenuti, doing fresh takes on classic fusion songs and showcasing their guitar wizardry.

Heavily inspired by the late great Allan Holdsworth, his inventive and fluid playing has garnered praise from the likes of Dweezil Zappa, John Petrucci, Greg Howe, and Andy Timmons.

These days, Quayle spends his time touring and teaching, and he has an upcoming release coming out with fellow guitar virtuoso, Martin Miller.

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