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TC Electronic - This Is the TonePrint App!

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Revolutionizing Rock. Again.

TonePrint, our program for signature effects is nothing less than a game changer. For the very first time, it was about collaboration, not emulation - artists gave us their signature, custom built versions of famous TC effects. And while we may not be flying to work in UFOs just yet, this IS the 21st century, so we found an elegant, free solution that makes TonePrints even better: our TonePrint App.


  • Beam any Guitar TonePrint fast, easy and on the fly.
  • Totally free - no sneaky in-app purchases!
  • Cached files - no Internet access required

A Lively Library

TonePrint means signature effects, and we've got the effects dripping with the DNA of rock asking the best of the best out there to provide their unique custom take on TC effects as they use them live and in the studio. This vast library of artists, as diverse as Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse and Brent Hinds and everyone in between is sure to provide you years of fun and inspiration. Search by artist or style and simply hold your phone to the speaker once you found one you wanna try and beam it. It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

Learn more about the amazing TonePrint concept.

The Best Things In Life Are Free

With this App, 2 things were important: it had to be fun and it had to be free. No sneaky hidden charges or whatever else might bring you down - from browse to download to beaming: it's completely free of charge, now and until the end of time (or until the original Guns'n'Roses reunites).

In Your Face, Bill Gates!

We've made sure that you can use the App without an Internet connection. So even if you are in your rehearsal space, on stage or wherever else you like to play, you can download your favorite TonePrint fast, easy and on the fly. We've simply made all files available as a cached version, guaranteeing a great experience. 

Backstage Pass - All Access

If you’re like us, you bring your phone everywhere and music’s always on your mind! We combined the two by puttting all the sounds that inspire you in one app - ready to get beamed when your playing could use a shot of inspiration!


TonePrint is the hottest thing happening in music right now and tons of artists love the idea of doing a signature version of TC effects. To keep the ever expanding roster of artists clear for everyone, we’ve collected the latest and most exciting TonePrints here.

By Artist

Like a specific artist or heard a sound you just gotta try? This is the place to start.

By Product

Looking for some inspiration for a specific product? No matter what TonePrint enabled pedal you have, you’ll find all available TonePrints listed right here, for guitar and bass.


This is like a speed dial for your favorite sounds. Keep coming back to a certain TonePrint? Fell in love with a certain sound and wanna make sure you don’t forget about it? Why not store it here, so it’s always only 2 presses away?


This is some traight up Star Trek stuff - and the way you get TonePrints from your phone into your pedal. Hold your phone up to the pickups, and the App sends all the info through your guitar via your cable to your pedal. It literally takes 3 seconds, so loading a sound on the fly is super easy.

TonePrint App Resume

  • Beam any TonePrint in Seconds.
  • Fast. Flexible. Intuitive.
  • Completely Free of Charge - Not Based on inApp Purchases.
  • Cached files - No Internet Access Required.
  • Browse TonePrints by Pedal, Artist or Featured.
  • Constantly Updated with New, Amazing TonePrints.
  • Collect Favorite TonePrints for Super-fast Access.


TC Electronic TonePrint App - Beam It.

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Total Guitar
by Matthew Parker

The new TonePrint iPhone app from TC Electronic almost has to be seen to be believed. (...) None of that, however, prepared us for the technical prowess of TC Electronic's new TonePrint app, which allows the transfer of TonePrint presets from the iPhone to your TonePrint pedals without the use of wi-fi, Bluetooth or wired connection.

Guitar Byer
by Dan Steinhardt

It works perfectly every time, and we still can't believe it. Amazing! PROS: A complete library of TonePrints you can take anywhere. Proof that magic exists. CONS: None. OVERALL: One of the coolest and most exciting guitar apps we've seen!

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