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Touch Monitor Stereo

TouchMonitor is the ultimate, stand-alone loudness meter solution, featuring a touch screen with highly flexible layout options, an extremely consistent loudness readout and compatibility with all major  broadcast standards, including ITU-R BS.1770, EBU R128 and ATSC A/85.

  • Loudness and True-peak Level Meter
    Stereo and Multichannel 
  • Use It for Everything
    Broadcast Ingest, Transmission, Post, Film and Live Production
  • Compliant with Major Broadcast Standards
    ITU BS-1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, etc. 

Two Sizes Fits All

You can get two basic TouchMonitor variants: TM7 and TM9 featuring a 7" and a 9" touch screen respectively. TM7 comes with 8 analog and 8 digital I/O, and you can choose between digital I/O on BNC (unbalanced AESid) or SUB-D (balanced) connectors.

TM9 has a more comprehensive set of I/O options, including 16 analog balanced, 8 analog/8 digital (bal/unbal.) and 16 digital channels. Also, a 3G SDI expansion option is available for TM9.

Further, you can expand or upgrade TouchMonitor by installing optional software instruments (meter types) such as the Radar Display or upgrade to Multichannel Mode.


  • 7" or 9" Touch Screen (16:9 TFT) - Loudness Has Never Looked This Good!
  • Extremely Consistent Readouts - Consistent Results at All Times.
  • Compliance - Conforms to All Major Broadcast Standards.
  • Easy Touch Screen Control - Context-sensitive, On-screen Help.
  • Flexible Screen Layout - Resize and Reposition Any Instrument.
  • Powerful DSP - Parallel Display of Multiple Instruments.
  • Comprehensive I/O Options - Including Analog, AES3, AES3id, SDI 3G, etc.
  • Connectivity - Ethernet/LAN, USB, VGA and GPIO.
  • Modular Software - Add Optional Instruments as the Need Arises.


Flex Screens

Flexible Screen Layout

Tailor the screen layout to optimize it for any application, making your life easier and letting you achieve ultimate end results.

For instance, let the Radar Loudness Meter fill out one side of your screen, while using the remaining space for e.g. a Phase or PPM meter.

You could even have two Radar Loudness Meters running simultanously to monitor audio loudness at different stages.

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Loudness Website

Keeping track of the multitude of issues around loudness can be a challenge. That's why we've created a one-stop dedicated loudness website where you'll find critical information on the most important issues.

The site is an answer to the highly relevant question:
"What Is Loudness, and Why Is It Important?"

Visit the Loudness Website

TM9 8 Analog DI BNC

Hardware Options

TouchMonitor has a very flexible and modular I/O structure that allows you to choose from a wide range of physicial I/O cards.

Learn More About TouchMonitor Hardware Options

Software Options

Touch Monitor Stereo

All TouchMonitors come with a basic software package that includes:

  • Stereo-PPM w/ Analog Scales - DIN5, Nordic, British IIa, British IIb
  • Stereo-PPM w/ Digtal Scales - 0 to -60 dB, +3 to -60 dB TruePeak, DIN5, Nordic, British IIa and IIb
  • Peak Hold, Peak Memory, Over Indicators and Phase Meter
  • Loudness & SPL License

On top of the basic software, TouchMonitor can be extended with a wealth of meter instruments.

Learn More About TouchMonitor Software Options

Loudness Radar Meter Features

Radar View

Short Term Loudness History, 4 min per revolution, 6dB between circles

Loudness Target

True–peak warning

Loudness Unit


Time since Reset

Program Loudness (I)

(entire program)

Loudness Range (LRA)

(entire program)

Loud part

Short Term Loudness (S)

Soft part

Short Term Loudness (S)

Outer Ring

Momentary Loudness (M)


Audio Media
by Russ Long

Since the pre-DAW era, metering has played an important role in my mixing. I am accustomed to mixing with a meter but was immediately impressed with the accuracy of the TC meter over anything else I've ever used. The flexibility in setting up the screen to perfectly complement my workflow, especially the ability to make the tools i refer to more often larger and those that aren't as important smaller. (...) The TC TouchMonitor is an amazing tool that allows the mixer to visually confirm precise details about their mix, confirming that it meets whatever delivery specs are required. (...) I can't imagine doing another surround mix without it.

by Holger Classen

TM7 and TM9 set the standard in audio-Metering. The wealth of information and values displayed​​ as well as the accuracy and individuality of the meter layouts are really impressive. The modular software design of the device allows flexible adaptation to your own production environment. Furthermore, they can quickly be software updated to keep up with technological development and customer demands.

CX Magazine
by Jimmy Den-Ouden

The TM9 is excellent. The response of the actual meter is fluid, smooth and accurate. Correctly set up, this unit is an incredibly powerful tool to assist broadcasters to ensure their content is up to spec.


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In the Press

There's a reason that world-leading broadcast magazine regularly invite us to share our knowledge: we've been pioneers in the digital audio world since 1985.

We've taken part in research studies and the definition of international broadcast standards right from the start, donating technology which has become a crucial part in new, open international standards.


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