TC Electronic Trinity Reverb

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Reverb Rules

TC Electronic is synonymous with some of the best sounding reverbs out there - think of a song with reverb on it you've heard in the last 20 years and the chances are it's us. We've collected the iconic reverb sounds you know and love into a neat little package that sounds so insanely good, you've simply got to try it.

  • Now available worldwide*
  • Two exclusive reverb modes custom tuned by ProGuitarShop
  • True to tone


*Available exclusively from ProGuitarshop in North and South America

Reverb’s going global

Trinity Reverb was originally meant as a limited-run, exclusive thing for ProGuitarShop. But due to the demand from guitarists far and wide, we've now made this beauty available worldwide. After all, we all deserve a little exclusivity in our life!

TonePrints for the Initiated

Yep, there's 2 reverbs in here you cannot get anywhere else, custom tuned by Andy and Aaron at ProGuitarShop. Let's just say they put the awe in awesome and made our killer reverbs shine!

Ethereal 1 (E1)

This setting came from pushing the limits of the EQ settings on the reverb decay. This gives a distinct presence of upper harmonic overtones swirling behind the reverb. These overtones hang in the air above the signal like an Aurora Borealis of harmonics, glimmering and shifting about as you play. E1 is pure reverb interacting with itself, bouncing around to create a perceived upper harmony. Your guitar is suddenly transformed into a choir of heavenly harmonies. 

Ethereal 2 (E2)

The Ethereal 2 (or E2) setting creates a pulsating helicopter effect. This effect provides a pulsing, throbbing drone behind the note, generating an eerie wall of sound. The low strings tend to have a low end heavy throbbing that transitions to a bubbling brook type of effect when played lightly, while the high strings yield more of a swirling, spinning aura behind the reverb effect.

TonePrint® - Signature Effects!

Artists _beam _editor

The Artist Entrance

TonePrint means signature effects - and signature effects means truly creative tones. From classic innovators to the guys shaping the future of music, we've asked the coolest artists around to come up with their customized signature version of a TC Electronic effect - and make them available to you for free!

Check out artists!


Download the free TonePrint app for Android and iPhone, choose the TonePrint you want to hear and beam it instantly from your phone through your guitar's pickup into your TonePrint pedal. No cables needed! Learn more about beaming TonePrints.

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Your Vision, Your Sound!

Music is the truest expression of self. That's why it is your right to have your effect sound the way YOU want to, no holds barred.

With the TonePrint Editor, you get full control over all effect behavior, knob ranges and everything in between so you can create your signature TC sound.

Get the Editor Now for PC/Mac

TonePrints for Trinity Reverb

See all Trinity Reverb TonePrints
True to Tone Logo

True to Tone

You love tone, so do we, and our design philosophy testifies to that. So whatever route you wanna go, we got your back. With optimized headroom, True Bypass or Buffered Bypass switch and Kill-Dry on/off, this pedal guarantees optimal tonal integrity and zero loss of tone. And, no matter if the pedal is on or off your precious dry sound is always passed through the pedal unharmed in all it's pure analog glory due to an Analog-Dry-Through.

Backstage Pass - All Access

With only four knobs, we feel we’ve struck just the right balance between ‘keeping things simple’ and allowing you to dial in a wide range of tones.


Sets the decay time of the reverb or 'how long you actually hear the reverb'. This knob takes you from a natural room vibe to you playing in a cathedral in a canyon – in outer space.

FX Level

The intensity of the effect – from a hint of echo to full–on, earth-shattering reverberation.


Switch between bright and dark sounds and every nuance in between - crisp clarity or darker warmth?

Type Selector

Sets your delay type. Makes a mean panini. Only one of these is actually true.

Mini Toggle

Controls the time between the direct sound and the reverb sound – in other words, how long it takes for the reverb buzz you’re treating the audience to ‘kick in’. Long pre–delays work well at more intense settings.

Maximum you

TonePrint pedals offer both true- or buffered bypass. It simply means that no matter what your setup or situation, TC pedals give you optimal signal integrity so the 'you' in your playing shines through with unparalleled clarity and definition.

Trinity Reverb's Resume

  • TonePrint Enabled with two exclusive reverb modes custom tuned by ProGuitarShop
  • 10 reverb types
  • Stereo in & out
  • True Bypass 
  • Analog-Dry-Through 
  • Decay, Tone and Level controls 
  • Easy battery access 
  • Small footprint 
  • High-quality components 
  • Road-ready design