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Amp modelling

Tubifex PowerCore

Tubifex includes three tube stages and a speaker simulator for truly convincing amp modeling. Each of the three stages is based on a classic 12AX7 design and can be individually adjusted making the sonic possibilities virtually endless, from warm tones to screaming overdrive. The speaker simulator was derived directly from the impulse measurements of a 2 x 12 cabinet. Additional adjustments can be made with the virtual microphone placement control, which simulates the subtle tonal variations achieved with different mic techniques. 

Tubifex also includes a fingerprint-based noise reduction filter that allows settings to be saved independently from the amp settings. An expander enables further improvement of the overall sound. As a 'hybrid plug-in, Tubifex uses both native and PowerCore DSP resources. Combining the strengths of both worlds results in very low-latency processing, which enables guitar players to use Tubifex in real-time.

Main Features

  • 3 Tube Stages (12AX7)
  • Tube Voltage Tuning
  • Actual Speaker Model
  • Denoiser with Learn Function
  • Expander