UpCon HD

Automatic, realtime 5.1 up-conversion

UpCon HD is an automatic, realtime 5.1 up-conversion audio processor for DB8 and DB4. It continuously monitors the format of the incoming audio, and if the signal falls back from a true 5.1 to stereo, UpCon HD seamlessly cross-fades into a convincing 5.1 surround up-conversion without adding any interruptions or artifacts. Detection does not require metadata or GPIs to function correctly, and the processing delay is only 2.8 ms (less than 1/10th frame). Therefore, no extra delays are required to maintain A/V sync.

UpCon is used in Transmission or Ingest to ensure the availability of an uninterrupted 5.1 signal, or to extend the production capabilities of an audio studio from stereo to 5.1 using the UpCon+.