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Vacuum Compact Kill Switch Official Product Video

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Do Go Silently Into That Good Night

Vacuum Compact Kill Switch is the pinnacle of audio processing packed in an enclosure so small, it's hard not to miss.

With laser-like precision Vacuum will instantly and completely kill your guitar signal dead. Just hit the footswitch and hear your rockin' riffs perish in silence.

In short, Vacuum Compact Kill Switch takes your playing to new, glorious heights, raising the standard for life-changing, sonic disruption.

  • The world's first no-nonsense kill switch
  • Tiny footprint to save space on your pedalboard
  • Mute your guitar instinctively and intuitively with PrimeSilence TechnologyTM

While my Guitar Gently Sleeps

Imagine a Boeing 747 taking off three feet away while a leprechaun is drilling a hole in your eardrum with a rusty demolishing hammer - and then imagine nothing. Vacuum Compact Kill Switch brings you the sound of nothing. Zero, zip, diddly jack, squat - nothing.

With Vacuum Kill Switch you are piloting your guitar at the event horizon of the black hole of sound. Hit the switch and get swept into the gorgeous emptiness of extradimensional stillness or turn it off and navigate back through your untight, out-of-tune guitar noodlings. The choice is yours.

All About Placement

Vacuum kill switch is not your regular mute box. It reacts dynamically and cleverly to subtle changes in your signal chain. Place it last to assasinate every sound that comes out of your rig or place it first to spare the life of your lush delay tails and the gritty noise from your dirt boxes.

There's nothing more beautiful than a long delay tail dying in agony all alone in the total vacuum of muted goodness.

Of course Vacuum Kill Switch can also be placed in the signal chain of your least favourite bandmember and routed back to your own pedalboard. That way you can stay in complete control of their playing and literally make their mark on music unheard of.

True to Tone

With a signal-to-noise-ratio no greater than 1dB Vacuum Compact Kill Switch is the sonic guardian of your guitar tone. Its highly advanced all-analog circuitry routes your high impedance guitar signal through a complex set of copper wires that gently rolls of your high-end and alters your tone in ways you could not possibly have imagined.

We call this technology True Bypass. It's great.

Backstage Pass - All Access

Even though Vacuum Compact Kill Switch is a highly revolutionary device, it's quick and simple to use. So let’s have a look at the advanced, yet intuitive features.

Company name

With no S


Not an input


Blinding, incinerating light, right at your toes


Cool, plagiarized skull graphic


Highly illustrative description set with compact font that elucidates the very essence of the product without being presumptuous or overly didactic


Grab jack cable. Insert it firmly until you hear a click. Then let go of jack cable


Old school, no-nonsense footswitch with built-in PrimeSilence Technology™

Vacuum Compact Kill Switch - Resume

  • The world's first no-nonsense kill switch
  • Mute everything that comes out of your guitar
  • PrimeSilence TechnologyTM
  • Simple I/O
  • Tiny footprint
  • True Bypass
  • 9 V/100 mA
  • Ultra bright LED


0% Talk 100% Tones - Vacuum Compact Kill Switch

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