Vibraclone Rotary

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Every guitar player knows the thick, syrupy tones of the iconic 60s guitar heroes blasting their licks through a rotating speaker cone.

SRV, Hendrix, Trower and Gilmour to mention a few - they all mastered the unique tone of the original rotating speaker designs.

Vibraclone brings that same luscious whirl to your sound, allowing you to explore everything from earthy and swampy to ethereal and spacy ambient tones - all the way up to full-on kaleidoscopic psychedelia! 

  • Vintage style rotary pedal with drive
  • Choose between Chorale and Tremolo
  • True Bypass

Spinning vintage tone

The old rotating speaker designs were designed for organ players and was powered by an internal tube amp.

When guitar player's started using them, they quickly found that if they turned up the tube amp, it produced a sweet, dynamic overdrive tone, known from myriad classic rock recordings.

The Vibraclone features a Drive knob, giving you that same rich, organic tube amp sustain combined with the lush swirl of a rotating speaker.

Simple controls, authentic response

Vibraclone features both the slow, sultry Chorale setting and the fast, almost watery sounding Tremolo setting made famous by the original design.

You will notice that as you turn the Speed knob there is a delayed response from the pedal simulating the acceleration or deceleration of the speaker cone in the old models. 

No moving parts

Vibraclone is built to stand up to anything that a touring musician might demand from it.

The built-like-a-tank metal frame houses the highest quality electronic components, and the top-mounted jacks make it a perfect fit for any pedal board.

Vibraclone also respects your unaffected tone thanks to true bypass operation.

Another bonus - you won't need a muscular friend's help loading in or out! 


Backstage Pass – All Access

Choose your flavor of Chorale or Tremolo on the switch, dial in the rotation speed, and set juicy overdrive to taste to get spinning!

Mode switch

Switch between the luscious Chorale and the faster and shallower Tremolo to get the tone of your taste.


This turns up the sweet overdrive available on tap, just like the tube preamp In the original rotating speaker design which could be pushed into a rich tube distortion.


Turn up the speed of the rotating speaker cone. You’ll notice how the acceleration is slightly delayed, ramping up to speed gradually just like an actual rotating speaker.

True Bypass

If you're not using it, you shouldn't be hearing it. Our high quality true bypass circuit keeps your signal squeaky clean.

  • Vintage style rotary pedal
  • High quality digital circuitry
  • Authentic rotating speaker tones
  • True bypass
  • Top-mounted I/O
  • Compact but roadworthy design
  • Highly affordable
  • Runs on 9V battery or optional PSU
  • Power consumption: 9V DC and 100 mA

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