Rhodes Flange TonePrint by Adam Holzman

You probably already know that e-pianos sound incredible when coupled with guitar effects and amps - Be it a wah-wah pedal (for that early jazz fusion sound), a phase shifter (for a “Just The Way You Are” kind-of sound) or a chorus pedal (for an edgy, swirling, classic 80s-Rhodes tone). But why not take it one step further? This Flanger effect is sure to sling your Rhodes sound into orbit.


Sound examples by Adam Holzman

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Adam Holzman uses his "Roads Flang" TonePrint for the Vortex Flanger

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We sat down with Adam Holzman in late 2013, when he was playing a gig with Steven Wilson at Train in Aarhus. He has the distinct honor of being the very first keyboard TonePrint artist. He ended up creating no less than five TonePrints to get the ball rolling for this new segment. Whether you enjoy playing classic Grand Piano, Rhodes, Pads or Synth Lead, you can now find a perfect TonePrint to go with it.

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Vortex Mini Flanger