Flanger TonePrint by Grand Baton

For this TonePrint, Grand Baton asked for a very slow modulation, so the effect would be pronounced but not overwhelming, something that's perfect for strummed guitar parts. This results in a very natural sounding and subtle effect. Recommended settings: set all knobs to 12 o'clock for the standard TonePrint and then adjust to taste.


Sound examples by Soren Andersen

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Grand Baton doing TonePrints for TC Electronic's Vortex Flanger

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TC: Who inspired you over the years when you were creating your own personal guitar tone? Grand Baton: It’s very difficult to answer this. The guitar technique that I've developed over the years is now very unique. I always say that I think more like playing a "percussion with notes" when I play. My introduction to guitar was through heavy rock though I was born in the Caribbean and Eddie Van Halen has always been one of my favorites. I love his sense of rhythm. But I guess that soon after that, I've been very much influenced by bass players starting with the funk guys and Jaco Pastorius. Maybe that's why I like a lot to play to low strings of the guitar. I guess I've never been any good at trying to reproduce somebody else's tone. Some friends of mine were much better than I in doing this.

TC: What are the main ingredients in your tone in terms of effects? Grand Baton: Any kind of effect that I will use will serve a purpose in a song. Nothing is good at all times, even for solos, I don't always put a delay or reverb on. If I do, it will affect my choices in terms of rhythm and notes.

TC: Have you ever been so inspired by a tone you created that you ended up writing a tune based on that specific tone? Grand Baton: That's exactly it! A tone inspires a riff which can inspire a song. Most of the time, even if I have a precise idea of the guitar part that I want for a song, and start looking for the right tone for it, I will end up changing that part because the tone I came up with inspired me to play something different.

TC: Do you work on developing your tone continuously, or do you feel that you have found a fundamental tone that will last throughout your career? Grand Baton: I have a few ideas of what will work for my playing and what won’t. But around my ‘safe-zone’ there are still tons and tons of tonal options that I like to visit every now and then.

TC: What inspired you when you created your TonePrint? Grand Baton: Trying to get settings for sounds that will stimulate my imagination and open doors to future ideas.

TC: You had access to a lot of tweakable parameters. Did any new ideas for future tones pop up in the process? Grand Baton: Not so much for future tones, but maybe for future songs, who knows? Working with these pedals definitely kickstarted some inspiration.

TC: Normally, do you prefer having access to many parameters, or do you like simple pedals with just a few knobs better? Grand Baton: I go for simple. I always say the best tools are the simple ones.

TC: How come you signed up for creating your own personal TonePrint(s)? Grand Baton: Well, the project sounded very cool; I was excited by the opportunity to try something new. I also knew the quality TC Electronic stands for and that made me want to sign on even more.

TC: In your opinion, what is the single coolest thing about TonePrints? Grand Baton: It is very useful and inspiring to just download a complete, readymade TonePrint and be able to instantly try settings that you otherwise wouldn't have come to without tweaking for hours. On the TonePrint maker side, it's really cool to have all these options but the pedals allow you to keep it simple for live situations - not to mention that the pedal has a small footprint, which our pedalboards will appreciate!

TC: Did a specific song or album inspire this specific TonePrint? Grand Baton: No, not really. It’s more the other way around; some TonePrint sounds might inspire songs!

TC: How does this TonePrint fit into your current sound and gear set-up? Grand Baton: Well, to quote Larry David (from HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm): “Pre-tty good”.

TC: How did you go about creating this specific TonePrint? Grand Baton: I just started jamming and tweaking knobs until I hit a tone that made me stop in my tracks - that’s when I knew I had a keeper.

TC: How long did it take before you were satisfied with the result? Grand Baton: It actually didn't take me long. I instantly got good basic sounds and the process with adjusting sounds and stuff was very quick.

TC: What type of sound did you set out to achieve with your TonePrint, and did you succeed? Grand Baton: I wanted to capture sounds that inspire me to make more music. I’d definitely say I achieved that.

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