Family of Rats TonePrint by Janek Gwizdala

To get the 'Family of Rats' tone, Gwizdala had to crank up the speed and depth whilst setting the feedback to 12 and the delay at an intermediate level. It is an extremely aggressive sound that Gwizdala recommends be used with an expression pedal for more precise control. This TonePrint is a true testament to his very experimental nature and quest to constantly develop new and crazy sounds.


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Janek Gwizdala Family of Rats Flanger TonePrint

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TC: Give us a little introduction about who you are, what you do and why you’re such an amazing bass player. JANEK: I don’t think of myself in terms of a bass player but just as a musician, who happens to play the bass. I love to make cool and crazy sounds. I know almost nothing about gear but I am here to learn and create new sounds.

TC: Have you ever used a flanger before? JANEK: Yea I did but haven’t for about 5 years because mine broke. So the flanger, I am excited about this. We can make some really weird sounds.

TC: How do you use effects? JANEK: I fall into both spectrums. On one end where I pretty up my soloing sound and then on the other end down at 80Hz is a fun place to be. I am into modulation more recently.

TC: Does an effect inspire you to play in a certain way? JANEK: Absolutely! It is the same thing as playing a different instrument. The sound is such a huge part of the way I play.

TC: What are you looking for with this sound? JANEK: One thing I would be looking for in this sound is something I am going to use in conjunction with some sort of expression pedal. So something that is pretty aggressive that I can back off a little. If I have it through the low-pass filter as well with the expression pedal that’s probably something I am looking for.

TC: So what we have done is crank the speed to 10 and then figured that it wasn’t enough and then just doubled it instead to 20Hz. Depth cranked 100% JANEK: Crank speed. Crank depth. Feedback at 12 and an intermediate delay.

TC: How would you use it? JANEK: I do a lot of swiTChing on and off, especially for dub step stuff. A lot of footwork is going on. So I would make a really aggressive sound and then use the footswitchTCh to bring it in and out, perhaps with a delay as well.

TC: When would you use the ‘Family of Rats’ TonePrint? JANEK: I would use this sound in combination with a low-pass filter with an expression pedal on it, maybe also an octave/sub-harmonic/distortion pedal. There are limitless possibilities and that is what I will do with it.

TC: What about a name? JANEK: As we were going through it all cranked I felt that it sounded like a family of rats. It reminded me of the New York subway system with rats running everywhere. So I think ‘Family of Rats’ is quite applicable.

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