VSS 4HD Original


The VSS™ 4HD is a highly advanced stereo reverb capable of treating your program material with source related reflections from multiple angles - the result being a unrivalled precision that is comparable to real-world mono or stereo sources positioned in an authentic or virtual space.

Beyond Convolution
Contrary to a sampled reverb, VSS™ 4HD is non-causal, and it doesn't return the same response over and over again. This benefit is especially relevant in demanding productions and for live purposes, where it's important to avoid to repeatedly trigger the same reproduction room modes and to wake up the 'hall ghost'.

In fact, VSS™ 4HD is our finest room simulation algorithm, and it complements the benefits of other System 6000 algorithms perfectly. If you compare it to the highly-acclaimed VSS™ 4, you will quickly notice that VSS™ 4HD is a further development with added controls for diffused field delay and width.

Full bit transparency
Used for mastering purposes, VSS™ 4HD maintains full bit transparency, and you can use it at Sample Rates up to 96 kHz.


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System 6000 mkll by Robbie Bronnimann - NonLin2, DVR2 and VSS™ 4HD

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