VSS 5.1 Source Original

VSS™ 5.1 Source

With the VSS™ 5.1 Source algorithm, you get a true 5.1 room simulator algorithm with multi-directional, early-reflection patterns, five uncorrelated reverbs and the ability to incorporate the center channel, including our phantom simulation in several different ways.

Four Sources. Free Placement.
In total, you get four discrete input sources, each with their own precisely defined reflection properties that you can position individually in the sound field using the touch screen of the TC ICON.

Wide Sweet Spot
Early-reflection patterns maximize localization and widen your sweet spot, meaning that consistent locations, even outside the speaker arrays, can be obtained.

Mix Down
The fully uncorrelated rendering used in VSS ™5.1 Source allows you to fold down to matrixed surround, stereo and mono absolutely perfectly.


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